Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

The English week leads the SC Prussia Münster on Wednesday evening (19:30 clock) to the Häcker-Wiehenstadion of the SV Rödinghausen. A place that saw at all Prussia – sporty – does not just feel lucky feelings. In the four away games (2x Cup, 1x Liga & 1x Testspiel), which the eagle carriers have denied the East Westphalia, no victory jumped out. High time to work on this statistic. The Eaglegarten must continue to do without their team colleagues Marvin Thiel and Jannik Borgmann tomorrow, which after the incident in the last away game at RW Essen have not yet operational or in training. That was a topic that was also seized on Tuesday on the press conference again: “The team was shocked. That was a moment we did not know. As a team we talked a lot about it and tries to classify that well. We hope that the boys does not get stuck, “said coach Sascha Hildmann and still added:” Maybe it’s good for everyday life to go directly to everyday life. We want to focus on the sport again! “

Vorbericht: SV Rödinghausen (A)
The regional league everyday life will also be anything but easy in Rödinghausen. After the East Westphalia appeared surprisingly in the spreadsheet at the beginning of the season, they have gripped further in the course of the season and have since now eight matchdays in nine. From descent fight is nothing more to feel in view of the twelve-point pad, the top group is already missing the Master from the 2019/20 season. “You have nothing left to lose and it’s all about nothing more,” said the Prussia coach. It will not be easier. “Rödinghausen defends well and has a very solid team. We absolutely want to get the three points there, but will really have to be a core. “With only 22 goals belongs to the SVR, seen defensively, to the top-6 of the league. With again only 24 goals, the club can be found in this statistic in the table cellar. Included with a total of only 46 gate participations, they are the lowest value of the whole league and are probably not exactly for spectacles.

Good news from Prussia’s view is that with Henok Teklab, Darius Ghindovean, Jules Schwadorf and Luke Hemmerich are back four players in training. Everyone could leave their isolation again at the weekend by changing the Corona Protection Ordinance and, until Hemmerich, for which it came too early, also in the matchday gates. “It’s nice that the boys are again in training. This helps us, because with Marvin Thiel, Jannik Borgmann and Alexander Langlitz are missing three important players. “Langlitz had to be replaced in Essen in halftime one with muscular problems, he pulled himself a torrent. This states for the Prussia Trainer that he has to change his startup in Rödinghausen to at least one position. In Essen it was finally only Winterneugang Thomas Kok, who celebrated his premiere in the starting eleven. “Thomas is already a very experienced player who is always pre-oriented, Clever is in the duel and talks a lot. The total type, we have decided on the task and the backdrop for him. Of course, Domme has not been happy, but he accepted it. He is a good guy and will also get his games again. “Whether the football teacher on Wednesday evening at the second game of the English week is further rotated, the setup sheet will ventilate a good hour before kick-off. The goal is clear in any case: the first away win in the SV Rödinghausen should finally succeed.

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