Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

He melts gradually, the distance of the 1st FC Bocholt to the classprimus SSVG Velbert. In the catch-up game of the 18th game day, the table two went a caredent 4: 2 victory against the sports lovers of Niederwenernern and now has only two points behind the table tip – more well-known for a game. A cream day caught Bocholt’s top scorer Marcel Platzek, who laced a triple pack. But everything at the beginning. Despite pouring rain, the winking eleven began lathing plyfish and after a few minutes already had the first significant possibilities. Before the gate, Wakamiya and Schumacher lacked the precision. As so often this season, Marcel Platzek had to act as a can opener of the game. The attacker appeared in the 9th minute in front of guests Keeper Golz and carried out without great effort to 1: 0. Placeboard thus achieved the first goal in a game of liga for the ninth time this season. A little later, Platzek was once again. After a corner, the attacker was golden and nodded one (26th). Although the households were able to shorten in minute 43 to 1: 2, but Bocholt replied in person of – who also otherwise – Marcel Platzek almost in direct resume and restored the old distance again (44.). The second game section began with a penalty. Wakamiya had been brought by the legs in the penalty area. Beckert grabbed the ball and increased sovereign to 4: 1 – the decision. After just over an hour, the sports friends achieved the renewed goalout, the victory they could not make the wat of the wat of this day.

1. FC Kleve wrestles Schonnebeck down – zero number in Hilden

5. Spieltag: 1. FC Bocholt - SSVg Velbert 1:1 (1:0)

Also in the new calendar year, the 1st FC Kleve confirms the heavily rising trend from the last games. Against the SPVG Schonnebeck, the Akpinar-eleven drove the fourth victory in series and has secured the best chances of participating in the master round. The approximately 150 spectators got a handsome, intensive upper league game at a high level. The guests played a lead twice. According to the own goal of Hoffmann, Barra first had a penalty for the home owners (32.). Even after Klein-Wieles dream exembly to the new leadership (35th), Slebeck did not need long to find the right answer and equalized before the break by Brandner (42nd). And as is the same in games at eye level, often little things decide on victory and defeat at the end of the day. A few minutes after restart, Younes Mouadden was fetched misleaded by the legs. The penalty penalty transformed DRAGOVIC Sovereign to 3: 2 (51.). As a result, the home owners pressed for third parties of the game, but without success.

In this entertainment factor, the game could not keep up between the VFB 03 Hilden and TVD Velbert. In a tough game with a few highlights, both parties relyed on a rectified 0-0. The table tip slides for Hilden increasingly within a long distance. The residue on the SSVG Velbert is already four meters with a lot more. Meanwhile, the TVD Velbert will be able to look forward to the scenic profit at the bottom of the table. Although the team of Marcel Bastians can not buy anything in the race for the qualification to the Master Round. The upholstery to the stroke is still growing to three counters.

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