Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

We had reported about it: Bots and gold sellers are a problem in Lost Ark. Sure, the online role-playing game relies on a Free2Play payment model and loads the unwanted Arkesia visitors with it. Now it is on Amazon Games, the floods of scammers and troublemakers somehow to curb.

No regional council for lowbies

A quiet implemented measure of the publisher made the round in the last few days: beginners found that they may not write any news in the regional council. When trying comes the following message (via reddit):

_ “The regional council is currently not available for you. For use, you have to have a character with level 30 or higher in your squad.” _

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Amazon / Smilegate RPG post top issues with Lost Ark, gold sellers, fraud protection, store outages

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Say: Only when you bring a character to a server on stage 30 or higher, all characters of the account may write on the server in the regional size. The good news: Goldseller, which are banned, must again bring a character to level 30 to be able to nerve nerves in the regional shoulder. The bad news: Unfortunately, normal players are affected by the measure.

Only conditionally helpful

But does the measure help at least? Limited. As soon as we log in to Castle Luterra in the morning, we already fly our first spam messages in the regional candy around the ears. Our list of blocked characters is getting longer and longer.

In addition, many players report that low-stage gold sellers now send their texts via whisper message or other channels. And then you can get in Lost Ark (now € 19.99) can reach very quickly 30. That’s not a big hurdle to jump over the goldseller. What about your server? Will the chat be flooded by gold purchases? Track us in the comments!

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