Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The leader celebrated an impressive 44:25 (20:11) ranger victory on Sunday at the Ostwestfalen and continues the classification with 40: 2 points.

“For us every game is an end game,” National player Philipp Weber made clear at the “Sky” microphone: “We always want to win, that we create that in such class, gives us a good feeling.”

Pressekonferenz TBV Lemgo Lippe - SC Magdeburg
The club world champion dominated from the beginning before 1500 viewers. Even for the break, the one-sided game was decided. At the end, a season goal record, which previously followed persecutors and defending champion THW Kiel had held with 42 goals in a game. “That’s unimportant for us,” Weber said. “But in the championship, the gate difference can give the rash. That’s why we always pull through to the final whistle.”

Outstanding launchers at the SCM were the Icelander Omar Ingi Magnusson with 15 goals and Sweden’s European champion Daniel Pettersson with nine hits. “We were ready from the first minute. That was important,” said Magnusson. This also saw Lemgos coach Florian Kehrmann like this: “The SCM is playing in an incredible shape. At this quality we have failed today.”

For the households, left outside Bjarki Mar Elisson and back room Tim Suton each made seven goals.

TBV Lemgo Lippe – SC Magdeburg 25:44 (11:20)

Goals for TBV: Elisson 7/3, Suton 7, Cederholm 3, Guardiola Villaplana 3, Carlsbogard 2, Guardiola 1, Simak 1, Zerbe 1
Goals for the SCM: Magnusson 15/6, D. Pettersson 9, Gullerud 4, Suckstrup 4, G. T. Kristjansson 3, Mertens 3, Ph. Weber 3, Bezjak 2, O’Sullivan 1
Referee: Simon Reich (Fellbach) / Hans-Peter Brodbeck (Heppenheim)
Viewers: 1500
Criminals: 6 / –
Disqualification: \ – / –

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