Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Tokyo Revengers became an extremely popular sleeve when it debuted at Japan last year, but when the saga really exploded was when its anime adaptation arrived. The first season left all fans in suspense, but fortunately it was already confirmed that the series will return with a new bow shortly. Meanwhile, the Japanese community will have the opportunity to visit an attraction in a theme park inspired by this saga.

Tokyo Revengers real life locations in Japan

The work of Ken Wakui will be collaborating with the Amusement Park Joypolis at Odaiba , Japan To give you a new layer of painting inspired by the characters of tokyo Revengers . At the moment, many details have not been known about it, but this collaboration will start on April 5 and will be available until July of this year. In the following promotional art you can see more or less how the thing will be.

As I was saying before, a continuation was already confirmed for the story of Tokyo Revengers, Although at the time of writing, we still do not know exactly when to be released, so you have time to get up with the events of your First season.

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