Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The FIFA community achieves gigantic dimensions with each new offshoot, millions of players regularly focus on the virtual lawn. What she does, are ambition and passion. What she separates are their platforms: XBox, Playstation and PC users only meet opponents or players of their own device family.

A circumstance that is criticized for years. Numerous esport titles have already opened the CrossSplay long ago. This feature makes it possible to play against and players that act on another platform. If the recent revelations believe, this development is also in FIFA. Two independent sources have reported that now.

Fan camp could be united


Tom Henderson, recently reported for VGC on spicy statements by EA-CEO Andrew Wilson to the FIFA license, places them. On the news page “Xfire” he reported on late Monday that CrossSplay is to be implemented in the upcoming offshoot – and that it should be “FIFA 23”.

Alone the name “FIFA” is by no means insignificant in times of permanent skirmishes between EA and FIFA, but the CrossSplay function will top it. The developer could solve a politician that had caused a criticism under the fans – and from three communities now really make one.

Henderson reaffirms’ Donk’-Leak

With caution, the information Henderson’s information is despite its reputation and rapid as part of unfiltered distribution. The journalist himself does not call any sources, he seems to trust his reputation. However, Henderson has received a few months ago in this regard.

The well-known leader ‘Donk’ had predicted the CrossSplay integration for FIFA 23 in August 2021. However, he had gone further and had also forecasted the upcoming offshoot as a free-to-play title – for this there is no signs according to Henderson. ‘Donk’ has meanwhile connected to the alleged new level of knowledge. Thus, two independent and past mostly reliable sources exist and so the revelations have a certain salary.

Great progress for hypermotion?

Meanwhile, Henderson also writes about two World Championship modes for FIFA 23, one for the ladies and the gentlemen. In addition, the developer is intended to work under high pressure at the HyperMotion technology, which was innovative in FIFA 22, and have made great progress.

The developer team should have previously recorded more than 100 times the amount of data compared to the entire franchise history in a single season. In these impressive numbers, Henderson relies on alleged statements as part of an employee meeting at EA SPORTS. However, there is no second source.

Incidentally, from Vancouver of EA itself, no comment was issued to the total subject matter.

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