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To activate Grand Lift of Dectus, players need to receive two items: Decase medallion (right) and DECTUS medallion (left) . You will find these two subjects in different parts of the world Elden Ring. In the chest at the top of the building you will find the Dectus medallion (right) in Fort Farot , found in the Calid region. You will find the DECTUS medallion (left) in Fort Hayte in Limgrave. As soon as players receive these two subjects, they can attribute them to the bottom of the Grand Embossing Elevator and call an elevator.

What makes Grand Lift of Dectus?

Grand Lift of Dectus will allow players to travel from Lurine on Plato atlus. Plateau Atlus is the place where players must go to complete the game, so the Grand Elevator Estuary is a very important attraction in the world of Elden Ring.

Where is the Grand Elevator Decase?

Elden Ring | How to Activate Grand Lift of Dectus & Dectus Medallion Location Guide

You can find the Grand Elevator of the Decase in the northern part of Liurni. It is located there, where Lurnie is found with Plateau atlus.

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