Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Each good story deserves a romantic plot or two, and for such a storyline, as the Triangle Strategy, it is quite natural to expect something like that. In the end, Sernea is engaged, and there are many other characters that look like something is happening.

If you ask if you have, like Serenya, the opportunity to care for more than one female composition, the answer is: No . He is happily engaged with Frederica. When it comes to a romantic relationship, you do not choose a partner.

However, if your question is whether canonical romantic couples itself is in history, then the answer is: yes . In addition to serosen, there are _-blooming relationships in the background. Some of them are more well hidden compared to others. Some have already bloated.

Triangle Strategy Is It Worth It?

However, there are many other options in the game, many of which will affect the main story. Some solutions have more serious consequences, while others simply affect what units can join your army.

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