Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

On Thursday, the 1st FSV Mainz announced that a total of 19 members of the fully immunized licensing player area (player, trainer, staff) were infected with the Corona virus and issued in isolation. How many of the positive cases relate to players, the Rheinhessen did not share with Thursday.

13 players and six Staff members affected

This then helped Manager Christian Heidel on Friday at the scheduled press conference to match. Accordingly, there are only 14 players for the game for the game only 14 players without a goalkeeper for the license players team. A total of 13 players – including all three goalkeepers – affected by the Corona outbreak. In addition, six Staff members have become infected – which also counts Chef coach Bo Svensson.

How coronavirus is changing the world | DW Documentary
For the discharge of a game, according to the DFL gaming, at least 16 playful actors are necessary, of which at least nine license players to which a goalkeeper must include. Blocked and injured players are considered “available”. The FSV therefore had already submitted an application for a relocation of encounter on Friday morning at the German Football League (DFL). This request made the DFL only a little later. The game was already recalled by the DFL for Wednesday, 16 March. Being will be at 18:30.

Thus, for the first time this season, a Bundesligapartie Coronabeding will be relocated. So far, only two games in the second league had been affected in the top two leagues: the game between the FC St. Pauli and the SV Sandhausen (3: 1) on the 13th matchday had to be recalled as well as the match between the Karlsruhe SC and the SV Sandhausen (0: 2) on the 20th matchday.

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