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The former DFB-Boss Theo Zwanziger is said to have been in the center of a catalist in the center for years. His critical attitude to the World Cup host should be apparently influenced.

Theo Twentiger seemed hard to touch. In the context of Qatar, he no longer surprised him that he was apparently in the center of a secret operation of the desert state as one of the sharpest critics of the controversial World Cup host for years, which make him “deeply affected”. And so the former DFB boss picked up an emotional all-round shock.

Ex-DFB-Boss Zwanziger fordert, Katar die WM 2022 zu entziehen
He talked about 90 minutes in Rage, weathered against Qatar, the FIFA, DFB – and moved to links to the remaining summer fairymic affair. All this, because the relevant emirate, but for human rights violations in criticism should have spared costs and efforts to influence twenties critical attitude on the way to a rushing football festival in the coming winter.

If the associations still “have a little honor in the body”, they would have to be on the education of this “perfidious” process. With regard to FIFA and President Gianni Infantino, he asked Thursday in Koblenz: “You have to confront Qatar with these things.” But his hope is low. What should he finally “expect from a declared friend Katars”?

The Emirate is intended to commission the company ‘Global Risk Advisors’ (GRA) of a former CIA agent, according to media reports, since twenties had been identified as “threat to Katar’s World Cup ambitions”. In the summer of 2014, the operation “Riverbed” for which originally had to be provided for $ 25 million.

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Twenties: Qatar “Cancer ulcer of football”

How exactly twenties setting should be changed is unclear. From 2011 to 2015 he was a member of the FIFA executive, had also not held behind the mountain there with his criticism of Qatar since the controversial World Cup grant in 2010. He once described Qatar as “cancer of football”.

Now no one can tell how the operation has expired, he himself, insured twenties, did not get any money. But “especially at FIFA” people have already influenced influence – such as the former President Joseph S. Blatter or ex-Secretary-General Jerome Valcke. The more he comes to the ponder, “the more I injure me,” Zwanziger said that does not want to endeavor to further enlightenment.

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Anyway, nobody has reported him from the DFB tip. He would have been “already wished that someone calls,” Zwanziger said, criticizing the role of the association at the investigations around the 2006 World Cup in Germany. All who came too close to the “key to the clarification of the summer fairy tale”, “and that’s Qatar,” were “not rewarded”. Twenties himself had been the focus of the focus of now.

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