Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Football Bundesligaist Borussia Mönchengladbach is also involved in Ukraine help and donates 94,269 euros – for each current member one euro.

“All fans, friends and members of the Borussia who want to support this action are cordially called to participate in a donation and to increase the total amount that the whole Borussia family has to zoom in,” said Managing Director Stephan Schippers.

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The money goes to an aid organization that cares about refugees from Ukraine or people in Ukraine. Donations can be transferred directly to the account of the Borussia Foundation, IBAN DE11 4401 0046 0190 0134 68, keyword: “Borussiahilft Ukraine”.

In addition, Borussia announced that the nearest home game against Hertha BSC on 12 March in and around the stadium to collect donations.

The professionals of the five-time German master will wear the next two Bundesliga games in Stuttgart and Hertha BSC warm-up and inlet clothing with the message “Stop”. This clothing is then auctioned, the proceeds will also be paid to the donation account.

By Mithlas

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