Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Despite six seconds behind the Super-G, the 26-year-old from Radolfzell as in 2018 in Pyeongchang still won the super combination and after the final slalom had 0.77 second ahead of Momoka Muraoka. The Japanese woman had won in the first two disciplines in China each before Forster. Even with the slalom on the final day on Sunday, Forster is considered a favorite.

Crying and laughing eye at Rothfuss

The Marburger Noemi Ristau in the class of visually impaired and Andrea Rothfuss (Mittal-Obertal) in the standing class has already been divided into the first passage. Anna-Maria Rieder from Murnau took four in Rothfuss’ class fourth. The 22-year-old drove in the slalom of rank six to four, ultimately only 1.68 seconds were missing to their first medal.

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“I did not have enough towards the goal before. It was my mistake,” meant Rothfu’s self-critical. But until then, a “significantly better ride” than in the special Super-G on Sundays have been: “That’s why I can see the day with a crying and a laughing eye,” led the 13-color medal winner at Paralympics.

again para-silver for 15-year-old Kazmaier – Bronze for Walter

Meanwhile, the only 15-year-old Linn Kazmaier has won the second silver medal in Beijing. The most recent German participant from Römerstein was classic in the cross-country ski of the visually impaired on Monday over 15 kilometers classic in 52: 05.6 minutes like two days ago with Guide Florian Baumann in Biathlon second. “I can not believe it again,” Kazmaier said.

Also Leonie Walter (54: 08.8) repeated her biathlon placement and won bronze. “It feels good to have the second medal,” the 18-year-old explained. Paralympics winner became the Ukrainian Oksana Schischkowa (51: 09.1) as in the biathlon.

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