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In this Guardián del core Dirt Biome Guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about the game area of ​​the game, and what treasures you can find inside.

Where is the bioma of dirt?

The Dirt Biome is the start area of ​​Guardián del core and occupies the central area of ​​the map surrounding the nucleus.

Earth Biome plants

  • Mushrooms
  • Giant fungi.

15 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing Core Keeper - Beginner's Guide
* Peppers Bomb.
* Heart berries
* Resplendent tulips

Remarkable booty of the ground biome

These are some of the items you can find in the Dirt Biome in Guardián del core either in chests, boxes or drops of enemies.

Peasant hat.
  • +2 Armor.
    • 3% chance of dodging
  • Durability: 40/40
Peasant chest
  • +2 Armor.
    • 4% Dodge change
  • Durability: 50/50
Stone ring (rare)
  • +14 Mining Damage
  • Establish bonus with Ring of Rock:
Rock Ring (Rare)
  • +13 armor.
  • Bonus set with stone ring:

Where to find copper in Guardián del nucleus

You can find copper in Guardián del core throughout the Dirt Biome, the start area of ​​the game. Look for flashes in the dark areas of the screen and excavate towards them.

Guardián del Núcleo Guide by Dirt Biome – List of enemies

These are the enemies that can be found at the Dirt Biome in Guardián del core.


Your standard RPG enemy. Jump to you if you approach or provoke it.

Baba with skewers

A tougher version of Slime.

Who is the boss in the ground biome?

Glurch The Abominous Mass is the head of the Dirt Biome. You can also find Ghorm the Devourer patrolling the outer edges of the Dirt Biome.

Guardián del Núcleo Guide by Dirt Biome – Secret Areas

These are the secret areas we have found at the Dirt Biome in _Guardián del nucleus.


A room full of boxes that you can break. Each box will normally yield some type of item useful.


It has several fragile containers and furniture. It has the possibility of generating an old chest of booty.

Giant fungal forest

An area with many fungi and rare giant fungus, a food that can increase your health permanently.

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