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In this Quest Guide to Elden Ring you experience:

  • Where the abbreviation for Academy Raya Lucaria is
  • How do you like the shimmer stone key
  • As you defeat the Schimmerschteindrachen Smarag

The second Legacy Dungeon Elden ring is the magic academy Raya Lucaria . Your access is blocked by a spell that you can only break with the shimmer stone key. In this guide you learn how you find the key and the door to the Academy pass through can.

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How do I start the quest for the Academy of Raya Lucaria?

Elden Ring - Glintstone Key Location Guide (Unlock Raya Lucaria Gate)
The second Legacy Dungeon is located in Liurnia that Lakeland. The area north of Limgrave is criss-crossed by extensive wetlands. After you traverse lock wind veil and the boss Margit, the cruel times (Guide) conquered you, you meet outside the castle walls on Thops, the magician.

It sits in the Church of Irith and asks you to ten runes. Give it to him and he offers you to a small assortment of magic. In addition, the NPC tells of the magic academy of Raya Lucaria and a glimmer of stone key that allows access.

How do I find the abbreviation for the Academy of Raya Lucaria?

The Academy of Raya Lucaria located in the northwest of Liurnia. To reach them, you have to through a dangerous swamp area and the semi-sunken Torstadt the Academy. You can the way but through a hidden portal significantly shortened. Judging from the Church of Irith from northwest and fight your way through the soldiers camp. Until you reach success the way the ruins of Laskyar. Beware of the swamp monsters!

Have you reached the place of grace, the glimmer of grace follows the northwest until you a kind of stone pavilion see, kneels before a creature. Sneaks from the left to the building and kill the zoom sequentially emerging Sumpfmonster as quietly as possible. a powerful bug-like monster appears last. Sneaks her approach from the left, you can enter the pavilion unnoticed. Interacts with the portal in it and you land right outside the gate of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Where is the shimmer stone key for the Academy of Raya Lucaria?

Walks up to the door to the Academy and highlights the item on the corpse. The map of the meeting point (mark # 1 on the following map) showing the location of the glow stone key. However, it is hand-drawn and not easy to decipher. Turn around and run to the barricades to the south.

There, you get to do it with some caster soldiers and a giant fire-breathing construct. Will you destroy it, you have to approach you from behind and kill the soldier who sits in it. Much easier, however, is to sneak through the bushes on the left side of the road until you reach the Torstadt the Academy. Get yourself before ye opens to shimmer stone key there the Map of Liurnia, North (Mark # 2) .

The luster stone key on the small island west of the Academy hidden (marked # 3). Riding them on the Spektralross from the west and activates the place of grace (Mark # 4) – you will need it the same. The luster stone key that is guarded by a huge dragon.

shimmer stone dragon emerald: So you come to the shimmer stone key

Dragon Smarag: shimmer stone key obtained without a fight

So much in advance: You do not have to fight the dragon to get to the shimmer stone key. Draw near to the island in a large arc from the west and creeps along the rocks behind the sleeping dragon. He will indeed wake up, but you have plenty of time to shimmer stone key from the Wizard corpse collect.

In addition to the keys are also a few worm eaters (kukri) and a kite wound fat. Do you have the shimmer stone key in the inventory, it remains there, even if you have caught the dragon on the way back. Versa so that the gate to the Academy and sets it into the magic box.

shimmer stone dragon emerald: Then you have to pay in the fight

Shall ye make emerald and the princely reward cash of 14,000 runes and the magic dragon heart, pay attention to the following:

  • Uses the horse: circles the dragon with the spectral bump (guide) spacious and relies fast and targeted pin.
  • Avoids frontal attacks: Does SMARAG intervene laterally or from behind. This makes it easier to avoid your magical flameattacks and your enormous range.
  • Pay attention to air attacks : Occasionally the dragon rises into the air and pushes down at lightning. If he meets you, it is quick. So rides quickly as soon as he begins to fly and deviates from just before he lands.
  • Keeps the tail in mind: SMARAG occasionally sweeps with his powerful rear part over the floor – do not let you meet!
  • uses magic and invoice: repeatedly puts the dragon with magicies, involvement or ranged weapons from the distance.
  • On ghosts: How to might like her in Elden Ring, read her in the linked guide. They represent a welcome distraction, which can fall into the back of the dragon in the back.

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