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After the crazy Champions-League-K.o. Against Real Madrid Paris Saint-Germain is about many questions. Even the future of Lionel Messi is open.

The football evening in the legendary Estadio Santiago Bernabéu tipped in the 61st minute. Karim Benzema, the captain of Real Madrid, had started Gianluigi Donnarumma, the expensive goalkeeper of Paris St. Germain, and forced him to a catastrophic bad pass. The landed in the light guards Vinicius Junior, from there again with Benzema and finally in the gate.

The Frenchman, who, in addition to Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland is probably the largest phenomenon in the penalty area, met to 1: 1 in the eighth final return match of these Champions League Giants.

Happens was there for real, of course, nothing. In addition of both games PSG continued front (2: 1).

“The first goal has changed the game completely”

But this moment had changed something. He had missed something. A white avalanche namely. She rolled inexorably over the Paris Mega-Ensemble in the following minutes, which the game had previously actually designed sovereign.

“The first goal has changed the game completely,” judgments PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino. “For an hour, we were better than Real Madrid. The atmosphere in the stadium has changed. Then we made some mistakes, you can not deny that. The worst feeling is that we were the better team, but we have the game within lost by ten minutes. “

PSG-K.o. could have wild consequences

Benzema for the second (76.) and Benzema for the third (78th) – destroyed once again the Henkelpott dream of the French StarTeam. Bitter enough if you keep it emotionally with this team. And possibly fatal in his impact. Because a knockout in the secondary final, which was really not intended. The coincidence does not coincide with the claims nor with the newlywitzen investment of club-boss nasser al-Khelaifi.

Now not necessarily indicates that the businessman will simply sink his commitment. But he will probably need a lot of money and patience again to re-organize his Real Madriding luxury toy. It is hardly imaginable that Paris can also build Kylian Mbappé for Neymar and Lionel Messi in the coming season for his sensational tower. Mbappé, the man with the world football potential, had no desire for PSG at the beginning of this season, his fever room is called Real Madrid.

And the royal are also quite inspired from the idea that this phenomenal Frenchman will soon (even free transfer) for them. His gate on Wednesday evening at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu may be accepted as a small connecting wheel for large, common visions as a small chamfer.

Future from Lionel Messi open

Real Madrid vs. PSG FULL REACTION: The Lionel Messi experiment ‘FAILED!’ | ESPN FC
As it continues with Messi, which does not seem to be a Real Madridy outstanding in Paris, not very happy, seems to be completely open. At some point, the Argentine had always stressed, he would like to return to Barcelona.

Although a return to his fantastic clin does not seem very likely, especially as Barca all its monetary efforts should be used for a transfer of Erling Haaland.

But possibly the eternal world footballer also goes a small lucrative detour about Qatar, Dubai or otherwise a place where football is rather high-paid development work.

Neymar the anchor of the new beginning?

Neymar still remains. He had also cocetted to make a different thing to do anything else. But both the Brazilians and the rumors have always become a bit quieter in recent months. Maybe he will (once again) the anchor of the new construction.

Who should guide them? Not clear. It is hardly imaginable that Pochettino is held after this early knockout. Especially since the team is not particularly evolving under him and he does not get control of the defenses. “I’m really disappointed, annoyed – but something can happen. The next few weeks will not be easy,” the Argentinian suspects.

Not very not for him. But the exit option already beckons with both arms. Pochettino is brought together with Manchester United for a long time.

PSG again only the billion depep

Paris St. Germain, you have to say that in this clarity, has failed. Again, the team remains only the role of billions in the premier class. The bosses from Qatar are actually interested in one thing, they finally want to win the Henkelpott, the Sehnseucht trophy from the premier class. Only this goal was the next Mega Investment last summer. There the money circulated.

The power of the numbers actually did not look in the detachment, but rather in the salaries. The Financial Fairplay was naturally observed. It is called from the club. It just shows how absurd is this rule that should actually stop the madness on the market. Whether the club tops is finally clear that it does not massively win many Euros titles alone, but that it also needs a well-functioning collective and a meaningfully balanced team? Nobody knows that exactly. But at the latest since this Wednesday evening, the Katarische Celebration company is likely to suspect that the way to the longing trophy is not a highway without a speed limit (then the PSG-Bolide would not stop), but rather the A40 with plenty of stop-and-go and some unpleasant exits. Tobias Nordmann © n-TV

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