Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

“If you had said that before the game…” Keeper and Captain Kevin Trapp said after the game on the “RTL” microphone, pointing out that this SGE success about Real Betis is quite assessed as a surprise.

Because the Beticos have long since run out of the shadow of the large FC Sevilla, in the league in five ranked five and still in all three competitions. In short: Seville has known two strong clubs for some time. But the price is high, for the southern spanor, the home game against the SGE was already the 17th game in this calendar year. The Eagles came to nine in the same period!

Unnecessary tension for the second leg

Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Bayern München | Full Game | Matchday 24 – Bundesliga 2021/22
“You have seen that the freshness is missing a bit, that’s why we varied much,” says Djibril Sow. Sometimes the Hesse ran at the front, sometimes they pressed in midfield, sometimes they fell back into their own half. The result was a variety of opportunities, but in the end only two in gates have been converted. “We have to make three, four goals. With the 2: 1 Seville is better served than we,” annoyed to the end of the game. Especially against the background of the elimination of the away the outer rule this season, the before the second leg will take the next Thursday (21 clock) for tension, which would not actually be no longer necessary.

“Fantastic performance, top appearance”

From all this, coach Oliver Glasner wanted to know nothing after the second convincing appearance within a few days (4: 1 at Hertha BSC). A “top presence”, a “fantastic performance” of his team has been able to observe the coach. “With the 1: 0 we got the security. Then we were always there, were annoying and have defended with great will,” said Glasner.

But the 47-year-old also knows the pitfalls of the K.-O.-Round and knows: “Actually, we are just going to half time. It is important to stay modestly.” In this case, Glasner not only had the second leg, but also the next task in the Bundesliga. Because on Sunday (5.30 pm) the Hesse meet on the table neighbor from Bochum.

There, the positive trend is to be continued so that the second leg against Real Betis can also be tackled with a broad breast – and thus the European Eintracht for the coming season 2022/23 still has the opportunity to continue to be the European Eintraction.

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