Mon. May 29th, 2023

In Vikersund, the ski flight World Cup starts today with the first two passes. We show you where you can follow this live on TV, in the Livestream and in the Livesticker.

Ski flight World Cup in Vikersund: date, place, time, info

For the best ski jumpers in the world, this weekend after the four-headed tour and the Olympic winter games is the third highlight of the 2021/22 season. On Monsterbakken in Vikersund, it goes until next Sunday, March 13, in single and team competition for gold, silver and bronze.

Today, March 11th, the 1st and the 2nd pass are in singles on the program. The 1st passage starts at 16.30 clock, the 2nd pass a few minutes after completion of the first passage. Tomorrow we will continue with the 3rd and the 4th passage, on Sunday follows the team competition.

With defending champion Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler, Germany has two hot iron in the fire during the awarding of medals. Both jumped in the past on the ski flying cheek in Vikers and never on the podium. “Skifflying is new every year. Sometimes it’s like being huxed, you’re simply flying – and sometimes not. I hope Markus and I come into sailing,” Geiger said in the run-up to the World Cup.

Vikersundbakken is the largest of these facilities and is always faired to his nickname “Monster Bakken”. Last but not least, because the Austrian Stefan Kraft built the still valid world record here in March 2017 at 253.5 meters.

Ski flight World Cup – the schedule at a glance

Date Time competition
Friday, March 11 4.30 pm 1. and 2. Through the individual competitions
Saturday, March 12 4.30 pm 3. and 4th passage of individual competitions
Sunday, March 13 4.30 pm Team competition

Ski flight World Cup, transfer: 1st and 2. Through today live on TV and Livestream

For the live transmission of the 1st and 2nd passing in free TV, the ARD is now responsible today. On DAS first the transfer begins with commentator Tom Bartels and expert Sven Hannawald at 16.20.

You can also follow the LIVE FLUG-WM today in the live streams provided by the ARD. You can find this in the ARD media library and on

Ski flight World Cup, transfer: 1st and 2nd pass today in the live ticker

You can not watch the 1st and 2nd passage of the ski flight World Cup today live in the Free TV or in the LiveStream? Then click in the detailed Liveticker of ski and learns everything for the first day of the individual decision.

Click here for the LiveTicker Ski Flight World Cup.

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Ski flight World Cup: The medal winners of recent years

Year Venue Gold Silver bronze
2002 Harrachov Sven Hannawald Martin Schmitt Matti Hautamäki
2004 Planica Roar Ljøkelsøy Janne ahonen Tami Kiuru
2006 Kulm Roar Ljøkelsøy Andreas Widhölzl Thomas Morgenstern
2008 Oberstdorf Gregor Schlierenzauer Martin Koch Janne ahonen
2010 Planica Simon Ammann Gregor Schlierenzauer Anders Jacobsen
2012 Vikersund Robert Kranjec Rune Velta Martin Koch
2014 Harrachov Severin Friend Anders Bardal Peter Prevc
2016 Kulm Peter Prevc Kenneth Gangnes Stefan force
2018 Oberstdorf Daniel-André Tande Kamil Stoch Richard Friday
2020 Planica Karl Geiger Halvor Egner Granerud Markus Eisenbichler

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