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In Chocobo GP there are many content and ways to experience it. This includes characters, races, currency and more. As for the currency, there are three different types, including Gil. You may be wondering what Gil is and how to get it.

Gils is in-game currency in Chokobo GP. It is used to buy characters, skins, vehicles, wallpaper and much more. Gil is mainly used to configure the appearance of your riders, their vehicles, background and purchase of characters.

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How to get Gila in Chocobo GP

You can get Gila in Chocobo GP in several ways. If you are purchase a premium prize subscription or Normal prize subscription , you can earn guil, raising levels. You can also perform daily and weekly tasks in the online manner of the Chocobo GP.

The receipt of gila will be a slow process outside the prize subscription. If you want to collect a lot of guils, you want to invest in any of the prize sets and perform all daily and weekly tasks.

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