Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

With the World Conference Center in Bonn, the planners of the German Football Confederation have a quite historical place selected. Almost 23 years ago, the German Bundestag met here before the move to Berlin, since then has been neatly modernized.

The DFB, who once again chooses a new president on Friday (from 10:15 am), will be more than just one of the other parallel desires – with Bernd Neuendorf or Peter Peters a new beginning will succeed after years of crisis. And at least, the whole thing is also highly democratic.

In the assembly of more than 250 delegates, which the DFB calls “quasi the German Football Parliament”, the result seems to be steady long. Although secret is chosen, through the voting distribution in the DFB Bundestag, the former NRW Secretary of State Neuendorf travels as a candidate of the mighty amateur camp for continuous functional Rainer Koch but as a great favorite.

“I hope that in case of my choice, I get a bit indissive than it is usual in football,” said the newcomer after his nomination of the “German Press Agency”.

Peters is supported by professional football gathered in the German Football League. Whether clubs closed by all 36 clubs is not finally clarified. The former financial boss of FC Schalke 04 carries the burden of his decades of work in football business, most recently as an interim president of the DFB

“The DFB has a credibility problem, it is considered from above and is no longer at the base,” said Peters in the ZDF “German Footballs Studio”. “That’s a question of coexistence, culture. And there I stand for changes.”

Woman quota in the DFB and again topic

Both candidates bring their own team to Bonn. For the football basis, it is rather unknown names for the vice positions, which are also occupied by the Bundestag. Apart from the former national player Célia Sasic, which in the government Neuendorf should fill in the newly created position of Vice-President Diversity and Diversity.

The proportion of women in the DFB was always topic in recent months. The reform movement “football can have more” had ultimately nominated candidate. “Why should we go into a competition, whose result is already established?” Said co-founder Katja Kraus of the “Frankfurter General Zeitung” and evaluated: “Two candidates coming from the existing DFB system and at each time to be charged are truly No democratic achievement. “


The DFB gives defend the process before choosing, also chef, which has long since become the face for the highly reform DFB in parts.

“A gap mushroom” is the current interim president, Fritz Keller wrote in a sensational explanation of three ex-presidents of the DFB. Because of Keller resignation in May 2021 must be re-elected on Friday. The celebrated in 2019 still celebrated as a candidate of all involved today 64-year-old had addressed the lawyer chef during a meeting with the name of a Nazi judge – and then became the fourth president since 2012, who did not volunteer.

Koch is no longer called for the position of the 1st Vice President, but wants to be able to choose a normal vice post in Bonn. Maybe he has to gather in a secret vote against the German Footballs scientist Silke Sinning from Peter’s team.

Whether meaninging also with a defeat of Peters in the first presidential election in the race remains, is open. It was ultimately nominated by the Bavarian Association – the chef projects. It remains the impression of wanting to counteract the accusation of an undemocratic re-election cooking in the presidency.

Peters announced, in the case of his choice, do not want to work together with chef. Neuendorf remained significantly more diplomatic. That Koch represents the DFB in the Executive Committee of the European Football Union UEFA, and Peters sits in the Council of the World Association of FIFA, clarify the confused power relations in the association.

Summer fairy little affair employs the DFB

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“At the top of the DFB, it has not been harmonized in recent years,” said Neuendorf the “Frankfurter Rundschau”. The image loss is “serious. The overall expectation and also my goal is that the DFB returns peace again.”

Whether that succeeds in a timely manner is questionable. On Thursday, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” once again reported other inconsistencies of the summer fairymic affair in 2006, which has been charging the association for years. The dubious cash flows around the then acclaimed home WM continues to be enlightened. To change that, both Peters and Neuendorf should be tremendous.

In the best tradition of the Federal Government, the new one at the top of the meeting in Bonn will first move. The new, well over 100 million euros expensive bandage headquarters in Frankfurt / Main is ready as far as the way from the Frankfurt city forest is not quite as far as Bonn to Berlin. The DFB planners have chosen the World Conference Center, for the rest, because in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Corona protection regulations for a presence event was cheaper.

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