Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Roman Abramovich is still looking for a buyer for FC Chelsea. According to information of espn, its high demands have not yet been met. There is also a new contribution to the acquisition.

Accordingly, Abramovich, who is under pressure from the Russian invasion in Ukraine and his connections to President Vladimir Putin under pressure, urge three billion pounds (3.56 billion euros) for the London Association. According to the report, this sum would not have fulfilled none of the many prospects.

The highest bid has given a consortium consisting of the British billionaire Nick Candy and American investors. This is clearly under the desired price of Abramovich, namely at 2.5 billion pounds.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK government

Candy spokesman confirmed SportsMail that he currently reviews several options for a potential offer. “Every offer would be done in collaboration with another party, and we have serious interest of several international partners,” this is quoted.

By Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Russian oligarchs threaten sanctions, which is why Abrahmovich wants to sell until 15 March. Therefore, Candy also expects confident opportunities to acquire a purchase.

However, the real estate developer has great competition. Among other things, a US Swiss consortium under the guidance of Todd Boehly and Hansjörg Wyss and the Turkish businessman Muhsin Bayrak. But since Candy has a great affinity to the FC Chelsea, he belongs to the favorites.

His father once played for Chelsea and he has pursued the games of the club since his fourth year of life. Through his expertise in the real estate area, Candy can also help to improve the infrastructure. A renovation of the Stamford Bridge, which is forgotten under Abramowich, is one of his great projects.

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