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According to the best eighth place of his life, Karl Geiger was highly satisfied and sent a juicy battle announcement to the competition. “It made Mega-fun today,” said the defending champion, who had missed the hoped-forced medal at the ski flight World Cup in the Norwegian Vikers and the hoped for the bankruptcy in the individual to the revenge in team flying on Sunday: “We want us It really know. “

Geiger came after a great catch-up of the largest ski jump in the world at least to a top placement. The 29-year-old Oberstdorfer, who had caught a very bad prelude on Friday, came on the second day of single fly on jumps of 234.5 and 220.5 m and improved with 764.2 points of place 13th.

World Champion was the Norwegian Marius Lindvik, who flew on the second day 232.0 and 224.5 m, with 854.2 points before Timi Zajc from Slovenia (844.3,) and Austria’s world recorder Stefan Kraft (837.5). So far, there were only two springs who successfully defend their title: Sven Hannawald won 2000 and 2002, the Norwegian Roar Ljökelsöy, later German co-coach, won 2004 and 2006. “Skiffly was my world, but you have to be with you Stay, “said Hannawald, who had sailed in 2000 on the old hill of Vikersund:” You have to deal with that. “

The other Germans also made clear to ground well. Routinian Severin Friend (Rastbuchl), 2014 in the Czech Harrachov World Champion, moved up with flights to 219.5 and 213.0 m in second twelve. Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding) slipped in 14th place.

“We had an unforgive residue, so we can be highly satisfied today,” said Bundestrainer Stefan Horngacher after flying, where the very large extent. “More just went today,” said Constantin Schmid (Oberaudorf / 17.), Who lost his place in the team competition. There it could be historically on Sunday: never a German team has been brought into flying gold.

The German record holder Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf) came to 18th place behind Schmid. “That was just not what I can skif. But life goes on,” I said “Ice”.

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Schmid painted

Ski jump national coach Stefan Horngacher has also nominated exceptional planned iron estate despite weak performance in the individual for the team competition on Sunday (16.30 clock). This was announced by the German Ski Association (DSV) on Saturday night.

Eisenbichler had become only 18th in singles and thus worse of the five German starters. “He’s actually a good ski trailer,” emphasized Horngacher in the ARD. In addition to the 30-year-old Bavaria, the ski flight World Championship in Norwegian Vikers and Karl Geiger, Andreas Wellinger and Severin Friend are involved. Constantin Schmid was deleted from the single quintet. Favorites on gold are Slovenia and Norway.

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