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Wordle is an absolute phenomenon. The gameplay is so simple: in six attempts a word with five letters. The problem with such simple but ingenious ideas is that they can be easily copied. For us, however, this is not bad, because we have a lot of alternatives to the original. One of them has been published for the Nintendo Switch: Words with Freds (No, that’s not a Typist, the game really means so).

So you get the World Clone for free

Words with Freds costs only 99 cents in the eShop.

You can even dust the title for free: If you buy another game of the studio, namely Love, Love 2: Kuso or Pulstario, you get the Wordle clone for free on top. Incidentally, the skill game Pulstario is also available for 99 cents in the eShop – so you can secure both games together for under one euro.

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How to work Wordle and Words with Freds

Words with Freds is a clone: ​​ The search for the right word works in Words with Freds as well as Wordle: You give you five letters and the app tells you which letters are present in the target word and whether they are in the target word are right place.

Some may know the principle from the board game Mastermind (also super brain), except that here is played with colors instead of letters. If you still do not guess the word after the sixth attempt, it’s over.

Here you see Wordle in action and a few backgrounds for the rapid rise of the app:

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This is the advantage and the disadvantage of Words with Freds: For Wordle, there is exactly one word a day. Have you guessed this or used up all the experiments, you have to wait until the next day. Words with Freds, however, has no such limit, you should guess words as long as you want.

This is good on the one hand, especially since this is a console game, but on the other hand, the title takes a little bit the charm. The success of Wordle is less based on the game itself than on the community. Every day, millions of users advise the same word and exchange themselves in the social networks. As a nice pastime, Words With Freds is good for everything.

Have you already played Wordle, and did you infect the hype?

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