Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Condenon Won) expands the content financial scheme for domestic content enterprise growth.

This year, we support the attractivation of the investment content, Cultural Content Company Guarantee, K Contents Innovation Growth Warranty, Content IP Guarantee, and Cultural Industry Complete Warranty. Especially, we release new services for investment content and expand customized assurance support for content intellectual property rights (IP) and online video service (OTT).

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Valuation of content for investment is a business that supports investment and attracting investment and investment. The field is seven games, broadcasts, animations, movies, musicals, webtoons and concerts, and add music and e-learning this year to nine. It is scheduled to work with the last year’s third-party value assessment fund (12.2 billion won, operating company) and to attract content investment.

The content guarantee system is a system that supports the cost of the Cords for the recommended content companies by evaluating and supporting the Warranty of the Credit Guarantee. We prefer warranty limit, warranty rate, and warranty.

Then, Cultural Content Company Guarantee is a content planning – Production – Making funds in accordance with the stage, · Services of 10 contents solutions. The warranty limit is within a maximum of 1 billion won, and additional 2.5% P of the loan rate for up to one year can be obtained.

Content IP warrantys are for the purpose of supplying the OSMU contents of the OSMU (OSMU) content for excellent content IP (OSMU) content, and the supply of service providing funds. The guarantee limit is billion won for 1 billion won, and the IP retention companies and companies want to use content IP can apply. This year, OSMU content creation funds of IP usage companies are also included.

K Content Innovation Growth Warranty was introduced last year for content enterprise innovation growth. Three sectors including global, non-waters, and new technical fusions, and guarantee limits are within 1 billion won. This year also includes content that fabricated domestic and overseas OTT platform distribution for purposes.

Cultural Industry Completion Warranty is a product that issues the content to be completed in the future, issuing a warranty issue and supporting a loan, and a content company that concluded content distribution, distributor and line sales agreement. Support genres are 10, including games, movies, and broadcasts, and published this year. The guarantee limit is 1.5 billion won,

Meanwhile, Broadcasting video promotional finance support business supplies a total of W13bn in the broadcasting video independent production, and the programmaking funds, facilities, and management support funds, and more for cable PP growth. Depending on the field, loans are supported from W500 million to 1.5 billion won for up to 1.5 billion won, and companies that use enterprises and job support companies, which are directly or indirectly damaged by Corona 19, and companies that use broadcast video standard contracts will be applied.

Especially this year, an interesting system is new for a company that overcomes the Corona 19th crisis, and it is scheduled to further refund the interest of up to 0.2% P to companies that have increased by more than 20% of corporate revenue or exports after the loan execution.

Last year, several content companies have funded their funds through content financial institutions, and have achieved the lesson. TV Shipbuilding Drama The ‘wedding composer’ series of the Mediatric Media ‘s “married composer” series, which recorded the highest audience rating, has been supported as a member of the Broadcast Image Promotion Resource Loans Support, I received funds.

“In order to sustainable popularity of K Contents, Congon Won Jo Hyun-rae,” For the sustainable popularity of K content, it is necessary to create a stable production based on funds support, “he said,” The Content Finance System will connect the corporate and financial institutions to lead the contents to the activation of the content. “He said.

Details can be found through the official homepage of the Condenian. Business applications can be accepted by participating qualifications and application documents that are announced by business and applying for the content value assessment system. The evaluation of the content of the content of the investment is receiving the monthly monthly monthly, and the content guidance system has been completed by 11 o’clock on the 10th of 11 o’clock on the 10th, there is.

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