Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

“It was that awaited serious game, a lot of fight, a lot of passion – and back out with the happier end for us,” Rose was pleased after the game at Dazn over the 1: 0 in Mainz. “We had to defend against a lot of force, did that well, played again to zero again. In between, we were dangerous, but did not have a chance every two minutes, we had to wait for a long time and work hard for it.”

In fact, there were very few opportunities for the BVB throughout the game. A standard helped ultimately, Axel Witsel made the hit of the day just before the end. After 1: 0 against Bielefeld it was the second 1: 0 in a row for Dortmund. For the second time in a row black-yellow missed some important players.

“I do not like to talk about it, but still say it: We are already missing a few important players. Everyone talks about the Corona’s sick of Bielefeld and Mainz. We have an English week in a very difficult situation. We are missing eight very important players “So the BVB coach, who then praise his troupe a big praise:” I find it exceptionally that we have played zero in this chain for the second time. The boys have fully enclosed, that was really good. “

Rose: “Great praise to the boys”

Defensively defended Felix Passplack, Emre Can, Marin Pongracic and Nico Schulz – a four-chain, which is not often playing together. “We stabilized ourselves from the goals,” said Rose over the second to zero game in series. And with these six points, the Borussians moved back to the pell to Bayern, the residue is only four points. “The last two games in the constellation, and how the guys fight and occur, there can already be talking about creating identification. Of course, the results include, clear. That’s why great praise to the boys,” leavened rose.

The title fight seemed to be decided again very early, but maybe the Dortmund can attack Bayern again. The direct duel of the two heavyweights is still on the 31st matchday.

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