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An initial fun of the stadium DJ quickly becomes a solid routine with every arsenal home game – and calls the sizes of the WWE on the plan.

Peter Mujuzi did not know what happened to him at first when he looked at his smartphone in July 2020 after a home game of Arsenal. The Gunners had just won in the Premier League 2: 1 against Liverpool – but after encounter, the three points did not seem to dominate social media, but the music taste of the Stadium DJ.

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On this afternoon, the players had just come out of the tunnel and ran for the second half on the lawn when Mujuzi pushed the play button on his DJ console and boomed Motörheads “The Game” from the speakers.

That was once, at the Wrestlemania weekend in April 2017, but this time the inlet music of Triple H was also clearly heard in the TV transmission of SKY Sports.

WWE fans around the world were excited – and even the wrestler himself answered himself. “There is no better song for Arsenal as Lemmy by Motörhead screaming over the speaker ‘Time to Play the Game’ system. There is nothing better than that,” said the 14-fold world champion when he was addressed that Arsenal said Entrance theme had used.

arsenals stadium-dj mujuzi: “pretty much off”

It was the beginning of an enthusiasm in the international WWE community, which also conquers the social media on every matchday after three years. “That was pretty much left,” remembers Mujuzi in conversation with home game and Goal: “So many people have tweeted over it, so if I like the people, I just keep going.”

Now, 18 months after the game against Liverpool, the wrestling music belongs to the beginning of the second half to the solid routine in the Emirates. “I would never have thought that it would be so big,” says Mujuzi, who has risen since the 2015/16 season of the Stadium-DJ in Emirates and now also the stadium spokesman: “I just tried to refresh things a little bit. “

For with time, some of the songs, which he was running regularly on game days, have become a bit monotonous: “So I thought so as a wrestling fan that I could install one of these entrance themes to see if it would notice anyone ” But with the wave, which he would get started in social media, Mujuzi would not have expected.

Mujuzi: “Arsenal has made a good reputation”

“WWE UK has contacted me after the matter with Triple H with me and asked if I could play the music of Drew McIntyre,” he says opposite home game and Goal . Unlike Triple H, McIntyre comes from Great Britain and Was at that time also WWE champion. “So I played the song and he actually tweeted me. I thought, ‘damn shit, that’s crazy’.”

And how did his club react that Mujuzi used the games behind closed doors to try a few new things? Although he could not know how the fans would react to it in the stadium and social media, none of those responsible took him to the side: “Nobody has swept it with the eyelash because Arsenal has made a good reputation.”

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At his playlist, Mujuzi is therefore also captured at the nearest home games – and he already has an idea what he could present the fans next: “There are a few pieces that I have not played yet,” says Mujuzi: “That From the undertaker I would like to play. Whether it fits, I do not know, but it would be cool. The light that sounds music. That would be the absolute hammer! “

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