Mon. May 29th, 2023

The BVB has harvested heavy criticism in the social media for dealing with Jew Bellingham during the game against Mainz 05 (1: 0). Trigger was the head injury of the young Englishman.

The background: in the 74th minute, Bellingham and his opponent Niklas Tauer were ruled together in an air duel with his heads and both went hard to the ground. Bellingham, initially, remained motionless before being brought into the cabin under medical accompaniment.

“I have absolutely no idea of ​​medicine, but that looks like replacement”, commented dazn commentator Uli lever the scene and also got the scene from his co-commentator Maximilian Nicu: “Alone for security reasons.”

Reinier was already ready as a substitute, but a few time later, the 18-year-old came back and then got up to the square until the final whistle. As the Express reports, Bellingham has overcome the BVB physicians who wanted to convince him on the way to the catacombs of a replacement. Tauer was replaced immediately.

Bellingham: “Of course responsible”

Marco Rose also expressed itself after the game to the incident and emphasized that the BVB acted responsibly. “He was in the cabin with the doctor, at once he stood next to me again. I have asked the Doc extra if everything was checked. We said that we observe one, two minutes, how he behaves,” said Rose: “Of course we are responsible.”

In the social media there was a great criticism of dealing with BVB with his youngster. “Can we finally have independent doctors who decide whether a player may recover after head injury? Also a shame that you do not have to replace the idea by the BVB, Bellingham to change immediately,” wrote a user on Twitter while Many other the decision of BVB as “irresponsible”.

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Hey Juden

For some time, the topic of head injuries in football is a big topic. In many places, the introduction of a “concussion protocol” is required, as it is known, for example, from the NFL.

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