Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Trees do not grow so easily in the sky. Not at all from the depths of the spreadsheet of the Bundesliga. And not for a boys who already deny five missions in the Champions League this season and still the title as the ligapal in his Portuguese home was allowed to celebrate in January. In Berlin, Tiago Tomas was brought back from the households to the bottom of the hard reality.

Rivierless in Berlin

Highly uncomfortable through the barricoped and clerish aggressively defending Berliner. Although the 19-year-old, which was borrowed from Sporting Lisbon in January for 500,000 euros, laid back within 60 minutes 6.65 kilometers. What had led up to the whole game too much about eleven kilometers. But many of these ways were yieldless. Wherever the river VFB dribbler also showed up: a counterparty was already on the basis, ready to put it, to attack, to separate from the ball, to stop him with all means. Accordingly, Tiago Tomas, who has increased since his commitment of game to play and did not make any accents against Gladbach.

Tiago Tomas 2021 - Crazy Skills & Goals | HD

He certainly did not make his best game delivered, he has taken something, was not in top form.

Pellegrino Matarazzo

In the 59th minute Pellegrino Matarazzo brought the disillusioned and visibly kinked young professional from the field. “He certainly did not make his best game delivered, he has cadded something, was not in top form,” says the head coach who has sought the conversation with the U-21 international, “to find out the reasons”. Notwithstanding the above-average performance, the 44-year-old full understanding has. “That’s normal. He is a young player who is also allowed to have heights and depths,” said Matarazzo, in whose eyes “everything in the green area” is.

New chance against Augsburg?

Already on Saturday against the FC Augsburg, the opportunity to compensate for Tiago Tomas. However, only if Matarazzo waives Orel Mangala in the starting elf. If the Belgian, who had taken care of for fresh impetus in Berlin, may actually claim a place in the first formation or claim, but come to the train, the bank could threaten the bank.

Mangala would move for Chris to the eight next to Wataru Endo and the former Paderborner take the right track of his offensive colleagues.

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