Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Paul Pogba's House gets robbed during Man Utd Defeat vs Atletico Madrid...his babies were inside.
Shock for Paul Pogba: In the House of the French World Champion, Manschester United was broken against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday during the Champions League eighthlock. This revealed the 29-year-old midfielder in the social media.

“Last night, the worst nightmare of our family has become reality. In our home was broken. We were robbed while our babies slept in their beds,” Pogba wrote at the 0: 1 of the Red Devils (first leg 1: 1 ) In the final phase, it had been replaced.

The intruders would have stopped less than five minutes in his estate, but “they were robbed of something more valuable than everything we had in the house: the feeling of security”.

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For a father there is “no worse feeling when his children did not protect,” says Pogba. His wife was also on Tuesday at Old Trafford and experienced the departure of the team of TeMmanager Ralf Rangnick. Pogba wrote a reward for relevant information so that “nobody ever has to feel, what I felt yesterday.”

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