Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The war in Ukraine continues and Electronic Arts continues to show its support for the invaded country. The company previously eliminated all the content related to Russia from its FIFA 22 game, and it seems that they will not stay alone with that. On March 16, the official Twitter account of EA did a great ad .

Russian and Belarus teams Vedies of competitions

This was announced by EA in a press release. Russian and Belarusian teams will no longer be able to participate in electronic sports competitions in FIFA or Apex Legends.

Tweet Translation: _ “We are still shocked by the conflict that takes place in Ukraine and we join the many voices around the world who ask for peace and the end of the invasion. We solidated with the people of Ukraine.

_ We have taken the decision to eliminate eligibility for our electronic sports programs of Russian and Belarusian teams. With immediate effect, the teams located in Russia and Belarus will no longer be eligible to participate in Apex Legends Global Series and EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series “._

A withdrawal of the Electronic Sports Scene.

EA Sports removes all items related to Russian clubs from ‘FIFA 22’ Ultimate Team

It is about the two games most present at the Panorama of the Esports of the Company. The Apex Legends Global Series was suspended after the invasion of Ukraine, due to the concern that Ukrainians could not participate. While EA is still waiting for the situation to calm down before announcing the resumption of the tournament, the teams of Russia and Belarus will not be able to enter the Arena.

With regard to EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series, the competition is still underway and several dozens of Russian and Belarusian teams will be forced not to participate. In fact, they are all parties in the area of ​​Eastern Europe that run the risk of paralyzed.

In any case, EA was very clear in your press release: ESPORT programs will no longer be accessible to residents of both countries . It seems that the company is closely following the evolution of the situation in Ukraine, so there will be more information about the resumption of tournaments and on the eligibility of players to participate.

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