Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Even after the aborted Bundesliga game between Bochum and Mönchengladbach, Gittelmann has been examined in the hospital. In doing so, “a skull impeller and a whiplash were diagnosed” as he explains in the interview on the association website of the DFB. “Otherwise, I do not think much of it, she makes me stunned.” Now he’ll enjoy a few days rest, but soon return to the lawn.

“There are always objects towards the field. Unfortunately, it has unfortunately hit someone, in this case me,” Gittelmann describes the situation in the 69th minute. He is aware that it had acted for a single case, yet “there are too many ‘individual cases’,” criticizes the 39-year-old. He demands: “A nationwide zero-tolerance policy with a clearly defined and well-known for all and tough penalty should be worked out.” Only in this way is the violence against impartial also to come to the amateur places.

Sorry of Bochums Managing Director Schindzielorz adopted

Especially bitter for Gittom: Before the game, the deceased DFB Honorary President Egidius brown had been thought, “which was in the rest of the referee” and “whose values ​​I can convey in the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun as a project manager to young people,” he emphasizes. “We have the war in Ukraine with its effects for all of us. Especially in times where cohesion and consideration in our society finally have a leading space, no one needs such pictures.”

Eva Jinek krijgt billenkoek ‘Ze snapt er nog steeds geen kloot van!’
In the meantime, the DFB control committee has included investigation, VfL Bochum must fear consequences. However, the club was already excused in person of sports managing director Sebastian Schindzielorz am Gittelmann: “I have accepted the apology, because no club wants to tolerate such incidents and I have no reservations to be in the course in the future in play in Bochum. “

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