Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Square Enix has announced that the next streaming with Final Fantasy XIV producers will be issued on April 1.

It is expected that there is information about the content of the patch 6.1 Newfound Aventure, as well as some details about the patch 6.1 Part 2. They have also promised “several” news of which nothing is not known.

Forward and Back Again: The Next 10 Years of Final Fantasy XIV

Streaming will be issued through YouTube and Twitch on April 1 at 1:00 p.m. (Peninsular Time). The presentation will be shown both in English and Japanese, but the interviews and talks will be in Japanese.

To stay the usual calendar that has followed Final Fantasy XIV, the emission of streaming on April 1 (which coincides, curiously, with the April Fools’ Day, the day of the innocent saints in the English-speaking countries) would imply that the Patch 6.1 should be published on April 12, since updates are always published eleven days after the Live Letter streamings.

On the other hand, remember that the free trials of the popular MMORPG of Square Enix are available again for a few weeks, after its temporary suspension last December to try to avoid the problems of congestion and saturation of servers caused by enormous success From the launch of Endwalker, the last expansion of FFXIV.

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