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Streaming is a wonderful thing that makes music available at any time of the day and at any time. However, it depends on the connection and the Internet, which is not always so reliable as I would like. This is what to do if you get an SSL error in Apple Music.

When you get an SSL error, it basically means that your device is trying to connect and communicate with Apple services. This may be for several reasons, but in most cases it will be associated with a simple thing that is easy to change.

Check availability failures

The first thing you need to do is check if something serious happens by Apple. You can visit their system status page to verify regional and international outages. If you see a red triangle next to the service, it means that it does not work due to service problems.

Check if your Internet is connected

Sometimes we get used to the Internet that we do not notice when he turned off. Especially if you are in offline game, you may not know if you disconnected at all.

Check your browser, and if nothing happens, then, most likely, your router decided to pull the ambulance. Reset the Internet settings and wait until the connection is restored. If you can not do it after a few attempts, it may be a crash because of your Internet provider.

Update Apple Software

If you are using Apple’s product, their applications can sometimes stop working due to the need to update. Go to the update settings and make sure that you use the latest version of iOS or MacOS, depending on whether you use a computer or phone.

Check time and date

It may seem more strange, but applications can start working with failures if they cannot read your time and date. If the Apple Music application still gives an SSL error, it may be due to the fact that it wants to tell Apple’s services, which time zone to assign you.

An SSL error has Occurred and a Secure Connection to the Sever Cannot be Made in Music in iOS 14.4.2
Log in to your Settings Go to Total (If you are using iOS), then go to time and date and make sure that it is properly installed according to your time z1. The best way to cope with this is to configure it on an automatic definition so that it changes if necessary, for example: when the transition is active.

The same applies to your computer, make sure that the time and date have not changed randomly, which can sometimes occur for various reasons.

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