Mon. May 29th, 2023

The days of mistaking of the two mega yachts from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is finished for the time being. On Monday evening, both the “Solaris” as well as the “ECPLISISE” in Turkish ports. However, this was not very smooth.

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After days of days about the routes and goals of the two Abramovich yachts, the Russian oligarch and still owners of FC Chelsea now found a sanctuary for the two ships that have an estimated total value of around 1.3 billion euros.

First, the “Solaris” put on in the port of Bodrum. The coastal town is in Abramovich high in the course. According to local media, the oligarch regularly spent his holiday here in the past.

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The maneuver of the mega yacht, which previously crossed about two weeks seemingly aimlessly crossed by the Mediterranean, was not without disturbing fire. For example, the news agency “Reuters” reported by a small boat with Ukrainian activists who wanted to prevent docking.

Videos that showed shortly thereafter in the net, show how the group with their small motorboat sit in front of the bug of the 140-meter “Solaris”, the Ukrainian flag pivoted and repeatedly called “No” (Dt.: No war). After a short time, however, the resistance was broken and the “Solaris” could create as planned.

How is the Abramovich yachts continue?

A few hours later, the “Eclipse” finally found a new sanctuary. After the over 160 meter long mega-yacht was still on the Bahamas on the Bahamas at the beginning of the Russian attack war against Ukraine and then crossed the Atlantic at a high speed, she also wrested around in the Mediterranean.

On Monday, the “Eclipse” finally arrived in the port of Marmaris, only about 100 km southeast of Bodrum.

As it continues with the two mega yachts, is not clear. The ships in Turkey, who occupied a neutral role in the war issue as one of the few European nations, are not for the time being. All other European harbors are taboo for Abramovich’s yachts.

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