Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The GDC 2022 (Game Developer Conference) held at the San Francisco Moscon Center, on March 22, was launched in earnest.

Only a million sessions are held on a day, and as a whole, GDC, which is the largest game conference in the world, which is the world’s largest game conference in which hundreds of lectures progressed. The most prominent logo in the scene was surprisingly the logo of ‘WMADID’, the game of the Korean game.

Unity Making Enemies at GDC 2022!
The Wimade participated in the GDC as one of the total six companies (including the total six companies (including Amazon Web Services, Meta, Intel, MS, Unity), and will participate in the GDC and scheduled a total of five lecture sessions during the event of the event there is.

Among these, the first lecture that the representative of Jang Hyun Book directly climbed to the podium was already held in the form of a local vision, and was done in the situation where the audience was on the audience. The virtual money economic system, NFT, and the trial, such as the NFT, and the trials, such as Finance, will lead to four of the technical lectures related to the vision of the pursuit of the pursuit of the Wayday and Thursday.

※ The article related to GDC 2022 will be continuously added according to the schedule of events.

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