Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

“In addition to America and China, in my view, there is a potential to be represented soon in Africa,” said Formula 1 Managing Director Stefano Domenicali the British TV channel Sky Sports F1 and added: “The interest there is great. That’s certainly Another area that is still missing in the geography of our calendar. “

Why F1 needs to return to Africa

Return to Kyalami?

Among other things, a return of the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, which lasts in South Africa last until 1993 in Formula 1.

This year, the motorsport royal class is planning for the first time with 23 races. In the future, until 2025 up to 24 World Cup runs are conceivable, then the number of large prices could continue to rise. “I would say there’s potential to go to 30,” said the Italian Domenicali. That’s “regarding the interest we see around the world” realistic, emphasized the 56-year-old: “It’s up to us to try to find the right balance.” It is also about keeping both historical venues in Formula 1 as well as to give new places a perspective.

Very soon a strategy should be presented for the future. Of the racing stables, the expansion plans are also critically seen due to the rising burdens.

As a potential new race, Las Vegas is also valid in the USA. The Formula 1 makers are very interested in a better market position in North America. Already this year, for the first time in Miami is driven. In addition, the Grand Prix continues to be part of Austin / Texas firmly to the calendar.

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