Mon. May 29th, 2023

Jean Co., Ltd. has started STEAM delivery of VR action game “ SAMURAI CHALLENGE ” that measures the ability as a samurai.

In this work, with various stages imitating the battlefield that played by Samurai, the VR controller “prevents” “prevents”, moving the body, and makes it easy for infantry and welded infantry, I will defeat the equestrian soldiers. From battle results, it is said that it is similar to who is similar to the historical great Samurai.

At the same time, stages, enemy soldiers and weapons are also introduced.

# ■ Stage introduction (partial)

The stage of the battlefield “collapsed enemy team” “Castle” and “darkness” and “darkness” and various conditions can be combat under various circumstances.

# # “Someone’s Battlefield Memory”

One battlefield that reproduced from someone’s memory that the cherry blossoms petals dance lightly

# # “All red”

Cut off all the hosted enemies that appear. I will live as one person

# # “Legendary Samurai”

Memory of Samurai who once created the “Legend Samurai” that lived in the world of Sengoku

# # “Attack of dark night”

Samurai Challenge [PC] Official Trailer

Memory of battlefields who received a night attack

# ■ Enemy introduction (partial)

You can “kill” soldiers waiting in the battlefield, “prevent” attack “preventing”, and sometimes “avoid”.

# # “Infantry”

# # “Sea infantry”

# # “Equestrian Armor”

# # “Cannon”

# ■ Weapon introduction

You can select your favorite weapon from weapons with different characteristics.

# # “Two sword flow”

# # “Both swords”

“Samurai Challenge” is usually delivered for 2,050 yen price. 10% off will be applied until April 6th.

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