Mon. May 29th, 2023

Global Computing Professional Corporate ASUS Korea’s Governor ASUS Korea (Buddhist Rogue, “Easus”) announced that it launches the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX ™ 3090 TI GPU-based Rog Strix LC and TUF GAMING graphics card series.

Designed for gamers, content creators and data analysts, the GeForce RTX ™ 3090 TI features 10,752 CUDA cores, boasts 78 RT-TFLOP, 40 Shader-TFLOP and 320 TENSOR-TFLOP performance. In addition, a 21Gbps GDDR6X memory of 24 GB capacity is mounted to provide a memory bandwidth of 1 Tb / s.

To maximize the performance of the GPU, ASUS provides ROG STRIX LC GeForce RTX ™ 3090 TI with a closed-loop water cooling system. GPU die and onboard GDDR6X memory ensures premium cooling to the component with a customized cooling plate extending onto the Memory.

The 560mm tube provides a flexible option to install the radiator on a large case or build with AIO CPU cooler. The 240mm radiator is cooled to a pair of 120mm ArgB panes adjusted to move large amounts of cooling air at high static pressure. The low-profile heat sink under the blower style fan and the shroud is discharged through a 2.6 slot design that is slim in the heat generated by the power supply component.

With a series of features, you can easily install and set up for long-term performance. The power sensing circuit provides a warning to the user through a static LED indicator if the graphics card is not connected to the PSU through a 1×16-pin power connector. If sufficient power is not supplied to the graphics card, the same indicator blinks.

Two FANCONNECT II headers can connect the case fan to the graphics card to increase the airflow during GPU load. The dual-mode BIOS switch can be selected from high cooling performance, clock or quiet operation and some performance degradation. When the graphics card is idle or light load, it switches to 0dB mode for quiet operation.

Rog Strix LC GeForce RTX ™ 3090 TI graphics cards can be used for showcase builds. Course text and parallel lines decorate the shroud of the graphics card. The RGB LEDs that can be addressed in the shroud, bridge, and radiator fans emits clear light inside the build, and users can easily adjust AURA compatible equipment and illumination effects using AURA SYNC.

The All-ROG Gaming PC!

The TUF GAMING GeForce RTX ™ 3090 TI adopted a new thermal solution for DIY users who want solid reliability and impressive performance. The robust design of the black metal shroud of the black metal shroud of the matte is a huge 3.2 slot heat sink that can cool the GPU, VRAM and power supply circuit even in high load. Three axial-tech fans push a lot of air through a high surface area’s heat sink.

ASUS has increased the width of each fan to 1.5cm to increase the precursor, and the barrier ring of half width to concentrate the air where all three fans needed. The central fan rotates clockwise, and the two fans on the side rotate in the counterclockwise direction to reduce the irregular flow. These designs enable more air movement through high RPM and heat sink with small noise.

Dedicated memory heat sinks provide stable performance of GDDR6X memory and operate quietly in light load or idle through 0dB mode. The full-length backplate boasts a TUF GAMING design, and the cutout of the PCB front is a path that hot air can escape to a heat sink.

Provides many functions that enhance the function of the build. The Auto-Extreme assembly technology used for the entire ASUS lineup is accurately placed and soldered without human intervention and ensures reliability and quality. 144 hours of testing and military grade capacitors ensure reliability and long life. You can also use the onboard AURA RGB LED to customize the TUF GAMING graphics card.

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