Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Trainer Steffen Baumgart hopes that Torjäger Anthony Modeste remains at the Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne.

“Tony is a very important player for us and a big factor. And he should stay. I want Tony stays,” he said the “Cologne Rundschau”.

The statement of the striker, not to go with a run-out player contract in the coming season, the 50-year-old sees critical. The association has to say in such things and pretend the pace. “The FC has drifted into the past from consultants, players and certain situations. That’s the worst thing that can happen to you.”

Joy about Modestes “Super” development

In addition, modests in Cologne have a connection contract as a coach over a long period of time. “I know many who would like this contract,” said Baumgart. He look forward to the “super” development of the 33-year-old Frenchman.

However, if the same conversation would have been led a three-year months ago, “I do not know how the answer had failed. Now all do as if the FC can not do without Tony. But he can.”

Modests generated 15 results for the table sifted. The contract of the striker runs until June 30, 2023, after which he has a connection contract for five years as a coach.

Köln Trainer Steffen Baumgart Ansprache vorm Derby am 28.11.21
For his own contract extension, Baumgart has clear ideas. “If my contract should be extended, it’s about continuing what we do now. That’s the difficult football. Football is more thin than thick ice,” said the native Rostock, which until June 30, 2023 bound to the FC.

He could even imagine signing a permanent contract. “If both sides have clarity – even in the case of a separation – nothing speaks against it.”

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