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Haddon forest, Gran Floris, Hedge Meyer, the sky of West Coast. Bihimos and snow-covered Sacrifugal Sacrifugal.

Dunpa (Dungeon & Fighter), which was in the game was in the game, was one of the games piled up in the Memories block. A charming fatigue system that can rescue the game (?) Stealing the hearts of the character and the cool technologies of the characters to steal the minds of the person. A well-depth story line. Now, it is not an exaggeration that I have not been interesting for me for the first time that I had never been interested in RPG.

How and why I bought my laptop at Costco
Kiri and Rulers, who gave the governor and martial arts from the abstinence of GSD, which was a place in the village corner. There was no job that there was no job, and it was relatively recent, and it was one of the users who were in Anton Raid and Luke Raid. Of course, since then, I have been in the area of the work, and I have not been able to do that I have not been able to go to RTS games, mobile games, and the console game. In fact, a variety of patches on level expansion were also partially. ~~ I want to do it, but I do not have a courage.. ~~

Since then, I was suddenly said that I am almost disappeared by the memory of Dunpa suddenly, I thought it was a simple Dungeo Mobile version. It was a good feeling that I was wet, and I feel like I was wet in the old perfume throughout the creation of the first class.

So keep playing games. I do not think I’ll play with a Kima (keyboard, mouse) to a PC environment, not mobile. I thought I was preparing for this plan. Of course, the desktop is good, but the game specification is not so high. I will know that it is good to be able to be able to be able to enjoy it,

■ I have to look at the recommended company once before you see the laptop

I know if I have a game I’ve been doing, but I believe that the minimum specifications here believe that you can not turn the game perfectly. So, let’s take a minimum specification for a while and make sure that it is recommended for the recommended specification.

The OS should be confirmed that Windows 10 64bit, CPU must be more than four I5 ~ i7 quad core, that is, the number of cores should be 4 or more. The RAM is an 8-gigger, and the graphics card recommends the GTS 450 or Intel 6th generation graphics level. Of course, let’s keep in mind that this is a pleasant return to this recommended specification.

With personal opinion, CPU is a decent level to turn on the laptop with the Intel I7 Series and Rien 3-4 5000 series with high cores.

■ PC interworking is easy
Most mobile games are often used by a program that links mobile games to PCs. There are many games that are turning into the player you have created in. Mobile Dunpado is entered with the ID only through its game manager, and press the play button to interlock mobile within the app, as well as mobile, and PC can also generate accounts.

Except, there was a one inconvenience when played with a laptop. If you proceed to the PC version, the game has happened frequently. The part is based on the Dunpa Mobile Official Homepage, but it is only a way to examine or reinstall the vaccine program as a concern of malicious code infection.

Let’s make sure that this may be a problem with compatibility. I was able to adjust the compatibility, and I was able to play a pleasant game and a pleasant game. The method is simple. You can enter the folder where Dunpa Mobile is installed and correct the compatibility and settings in the client properties.

■ The preparation is over, so let’s look at the laptop?

Can I become an office laptop?
Intermediate: Lenovo ThinkPad E14 (Radeen 3 5300U CPU + Radeon Built-in Graphics): 600,000 won

First, let’s look at the intermediate laptop. In fact, this Lenovo’s ThinkPad is a notebook made for office / daily life, not a gaming notebook. Performance is largely a 4-core 8-threaded Ryzhou 3 5300U CPU and Radeon built-in graphics, and displays of 14 inches FHD (1920X1080). If the RAM is a 8GB single-core, if you want to enjoy a more pleasant, you will be able to put a ram one more in the remaining slots. I do not change the dada.

The performance of the performance depends on the situation, but the degree of Dunpa Mobile seems to be sufficiently turned. Of course, it is recommended that you have a lot of monsters, or a large-scale rack, which can cause a small rack on many of the special effects.

There is also an advantage that it is light and easy to carry with a laptop made of office. If you use it anywhere, you can easily take out and enjoy it, and you can enjoy it to see it, and you can play a game when you need a ventilation.

Lenovo ThinkPad adopted 1.64 kg of lightweight in a slim appearance of 324 x 220.7 x 17.9 (horizontal, vertical, thickness, mm), and usb 3.2 and C type, HDMI 1.4 terminals, headphones and microphones together There is also an audio terminal that can be connected. In addition, a total of 80% of the battery can be capable of high speed, which can be used up to 12.8 hours when charging once. Of course, if you turn the game, you will be consumed quickly quickly.

In addition to office / daily notebooks, Lenovo also deals with high-performance laptops for gaming notebooks and creators for gamers, so you want to check it out once you have to check your work, and you want to choose your skill you want.

▶ ️ Tablet is also a powerful notebook, Lenovo Yoga Duet 7
▶ ️ Performance, fever, design ‘Gamatt Breek Tree’ at the same time! Lenovo Region 7i

I tested it directly with a similar specification, no lower specification company notebook. The company’s laptop has been in the Intel 7th generation CPU I7-7700 and built-in graphics, except for external graphics. All graphics options have progressed to the high, and certainly, they were able to enjoy the general story or at hunting at the hunting.

Of course, if the raid or monster is abnormally, it can cause a good rack, so let’s enjoy it well.

This is how much the gaming notebook is written properly!
Sauce: Easus Gaming Laptop Lineup (CPU of external graphics and high cores): 1 million won

Easus is largely divided into TUF and ROG gaming notebooks. The two lineups are also high, too, but these days, these days, they have a lot of nervousness in portability and fever. If you look for the highest grade gaming notebook of 1 million won, you will recommend the TUF GAMING F17 with the Intel Tiger Lake CPU and the external RTX 3050, and the ROG STRIX G with the GTX 1650 is attached to the Quad Core.

Of course, I have already purchased a tough gaming series laptop, a tough gaming series notebook purchased in about 1 million won 3 years ago. In addition to Dunpa Mobile, the League of League, which is often enjoyable, can also turn comfortably. One disadvantage is that it is a little noise. Stand type cooler for notebook is a good choice to buy together, and buy together.

When the game is sufficient, this is a better specification that comes out of these days, it is more likely to be able to turn enough without a lot of racks and a lot of raid or monsters, and special effects. My notebook was 3 ~ 4 years ago, but it was comfortably well. In addition, I am also with a high-end notebook with a higher specification, which is a higher specification that is called Zenbook for the work / business of the Azusus notebook.

▶ ️ RTX 3050ti and 3080 with 3080? ASUS ROG FLOW Z13 Gaming Notebook
▶ ️ OLED, what do you need more? ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED

Dunpa Mobile is good, but I do not want to do Dunpa Mobile
Best Laptop: Omen Gaming Notebook: 2 million won

In fact, if you buy a laptop trying to do a Dunpa Mobile, you will not be great. Of course, a laptop or a decent notebook that will not help work on a work. Or the graphics card price is still high, and gamers with desktops also change the route to a gaming notebook that boasts high-end high performance.

Because the price is still cheap compared to the desktop. Looking at the high-end laptop performance these days, it is very high enough to be comparable to the past notebook performance. In addition, it is often preferred for high-end notebooks that have a high-resolution image or a high-resolution image or a high-end notebook that is fully accomplished, and a high-end laptop, which is all consolidated, portability, and performance.

Among them, HP’s Gaming Computer Brand Omen’s notebook also shows high performance to the high-end notebooks in the high-end notebook. HP Omen is also the official sponsor of the League Obrale Formula Competition, and it is proven to have a high confidence to show that its gaming PC is placed in both the competition.

Recently, O Men 16 Series Gaming notebooks have 14 core Intel 12th generation I7-12700h and external graphics of RTX 3070TI. The display is 16 inches, 16: 9 QHD (2560×1440) resolution is applied to implement a screen and high resolution than a general gaming notebook, and shows the injectivity of 165Hz that is appropriate.

In addition, 4800MHz bandwidth, DDR5 16GB of dual RAM and 1TB M.2 SSD of 1TB, and supports a variety of terminals to show high connectivity. In addition, these high performance notebooks and PCs are often caused by problems with severe performance. By the way, Omen solved this heating problem with its cooling technology. This is enough, as well as Dunpa Mobile, as well as the game of the high-end game is enough to enjoy enough, and it is also recommended for experts and creators that deal with high-resolution images and images.

▶ ️ HP Omen, Hardcore Gamer High Performance Notebook Omen 16, 17 New Product Announcement

■ PC environment is also good! But now a laptop

Mobile. In the end, I knew that the frame could never get away. But I played a PC version directly, and I just heard that I was just a long time for the old Classic Dunp. It feels like Diablo 2 reserves or convenience height.

Of course, I turned it back to Mobile and I was able to enjoy it easily in the mobile environment. Still, when you play with a Kama as a PC environment, you will be able to make your hand taste than when you are on your mobile.

In addition, the resolution of the cut or cinematic image is high, but it is better to see the mobile, but the larger the screen, the better the screen. If you want to enjoy Dunpa Mobile as a PC version, all these conditions have 14 to 16 inches that meet the appropriately, and it would be not worse to consider a notebook to take care of the portability and convenience.

Comprehensively, certainly the PC environment and mobile environment can be a personal taste difference, because the personality is different depending on each platform, so it is better. In my case, I had a more fun to enjoy in a PC environment. Then I want to enjoy everyone and finish this article. ~~

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