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Referee Felix Zwayer has clarified the conflict with Borussia Dortmund with the responsible persons after his own statement. Despite his wish, it did not come to a conversation with BVB-Star Jude Bellingham.

“I just like talked to him about it,” said Zwayer in the zdf-SportStudio about the occurrences in the top game between BVB and Bayern Munich (2: 3) last December.

Bellingham, after controversial referee decisions of Zwayer, then publicly entangled in the manipulation scandal around Robert Hoyzer brought into the game. Zwayer himself later reported murder threats against his person.

“What happened afterwards was triggered by a statement of a very young football player. I would have liked to understand why he does that and where it comes from. I do not think he has a very close own relationship with the 2004 transactions. That’s why he wanted I like to talk to him, “said Zwayer about the 18-year-old Bellingham.

This had said after the game at viaplay: “You can look at many other decisions in this game. What do you expect if you are a referee who was already involved in game manipulations, the largest game in Germany?”

Zwayer: “Never have a problem with Borussia Dortmund had”

Zwayer now emphasized his conversation again: “In principle, we are quite ready for referees in the Bundesliga to lead conversations. I would like to offer a conversation and go a step.”

Meanwhile, Zwayer reported clarifying talks with BVB managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke, as well as license plate Sebastian Kehl and coach Marco Rose. “The topics are discussed between those responsible, ie between me and the club responsible for Borussia Dortmund,” said Zwayer. “We have finally clarified the topic for us all and have said we leave it. That’s the way. Basically, I have never had a problem with Borussia Dortmund.”

Bellingham wirft Schiedsrichter Zwayer indirekt Spielmanipulation vor ????

The criticism of the Dortmund that he had made his conversation offer at the time via _ picture_ newspaper, pointed to Zwayer. “Everything that happens with us referees is basically about the media. None speaks to us directly in the way,” explained the 40-year-old: “The procedure was right in my view at the time. I had a very strong Intention and wanted to place that in public. That it has arrived as it has arrived, was not my intention. Nevertheless, I have granted that in the personal conversation after that that was not happy. Nevertheless, I still have a big one Interested in dialogue. “

After his chosen break, he now no longer leads to Games with Dortmund participation, Zwayer also explained: “In the sense of football and because we all preferred to have peace and because we prefer to see all the games in which the referee is not directly in focus, Before he even made the first whistle, it is certainly good to let grass overgrown. “

Scandal game between Paderborn and Hamburg: This HSV team was cheated by Robert Hoyzer

Hoyzer scandal: Zwayer denies acceptance of money

In view of the Hoyzer scandal, Zwayer emphasized in zdf again that he had never accepted money. “I would have liked to refute it, but I had no chance to refute it,” Zwayer said. “I was a young person. Now you can say it maybe a wrong decision. I might have to try to refute it somehow.”

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According to the file, Zwayer has assumed a wizard money from WireTzieher Hoyzer. Later, Zwayer covered the scandal, a manipulation was never demonstrated despite lock. However, Zwayer was not blocked because of the alleged acceptance of the money, where his statement was against the Hoyzers. The punishment received Zwayer because he had not revealed his knowledge of the manipulations of Hoyzers.

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