Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

The Unmanned Robot Cafe ‘Bit (B; EAT) of the dady foodtech specialized enterprise bit cooperation is a global content specialized in collaboration with the Global Content Company Sum Holdings Co., Ltd., I announced four days.

Robot Cafe Bits will be able to visit events from the 4th to the 17th to visit the event targeted store. It is provided through lottery.

We Tried To Steal Food From A Delivery Robot
Goto Koyui’s full-fledged ‘Blade of theaters’ exquisites, which is the original “Theater Bureau,” The Infinite Train “is in October, in October 20, the first opening of the Japanese. In Korea, I was released for the first time in January 2021 and received a hyperbite action and is praised as a touching story. It was rejected on the Dubbing of April 21, which is a.

The Event Robot Cafe Bit Store Visitors in the Event Period Visitors to the Visitor’s Visitor’s Blade, the Blade of the Theater Vanity, which is exposed to the cinema or kiosk, Event participation is possible. More detailed events can be confirmed by robot cafe bit official instant account or official mobile application ‘B; EAT’

This event target robot Cafe Bit store ▲ Pangyo Techno Store ▲ Daejeon Dunsan Branch ▲ Sejongjang ▲ Kang Yi ▲ ▲ Anyang Daily ▲ Chungmuro Station ▲ Daejeon Composite Terminal Branch ▲

▲ Suwon Gwanggyo shop point ▲ Racing liquor ▲ Songpa Heli City store ▲ Chungnam provincial point ▲ Robot Cafe Eaton Tower Distance store ▲ Completion of Fudestrian ▲ ▲ Foundry Cafe ▲ Wangsimi Bits Flex Stores ▲ Samsung Digital Plaza (Axan Plaza) ▲ Akaya Yuan Expressen ▲ 23 points such as Hanyang University ERICA points.

This event is the second collaboration with the Robot Cafe Bits on January, the movie “Tokyo Revenzers” advance ticket to the ‘Tokyo Revisions’ advance ticket event event. In the future, the Robot Cafe Bit is a plan to provide users with high quality coffee and drinks as well as high quality coffee and drinks, as well as various partnerships.

“Robot Cafe Bits will strengthen their competitiveness at a consumer experience,” said Bit Corporation Jeong Jae Pil Business Marker said, “Unlike any unmanned cafe,” said a policy to strengthen the competitiveness at the consumer experience. “

Meanwhile, the Robot Cafe Bit is a solution that is optimized for the establishment of the device with a futuristic cafe that is unmanned to pay, manufacture, and pickups from orders, without resident without resident without resident. We have entered the B2C area quickly in office and residential commercials, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Daejeon, Jeju, and in the United States.

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