Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

While 12 candidates will show their names this year in the polling stations, the plurality of programs presented may look like a real nebula for the general public, including the original voters who have just been 18 years old. The French company Bright has just imagined a playful and educational game that needs to question the “players-voters” on the different points defended by men and politicians who come to the polls.

In order to make this journey among fun candidate programs, developers propose to start a race and cumulate bonuses, however this walk to the Elysée is accompanied by challenges that take the form of quiz where the Player must say whether the posted proposal belongs to this or that candidate, or if a measurement is yes or not worn by one of them. And if the 12 contenders to the Presidency of the Republic are present (by the mouth of small avatars), each part by randomly selected three in order to better know them, the following therefore proposing a different mix.

However, what would be a video game without the risk of losing a game? To corser the whole, “Run the program” asks our reflexes to avoid different obstacles that may arise during a mandate, like a pandemic, a scandal or a judicial case…

Colombians vote to shortlist presidential candidates • FRANCE 24 English

Reduce your abstention in young people

“While the vote of young people can be very low in the next election, we believe that any initiative to discover the program of candidates beyond the classic media is interesting. For years, video games have been used massively, it seemed to us at the same time natural and innovative to pass these elements of democratic pedagogy by this media, “said Abdel Bounan, founder of Bright in a statement.

Available by following this link, run The program is a completely free video game that does not require any registration or download to be played. A simple internet browser is enough. As soon as the home screen, the 12 candidates are present and simply press the plus key to learn more about their respective programs before starting.

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