Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

At the Oscar Gala, Serena Williams fledged over the red carpet, in a personal interview with the “Elle” she spoke openly about the relationship with her daughter Olympia. Only athletic it has become quiet around the Tennis superstar from the USA. Nine months have passed on the tour since their last match – now Williams pointed their return at Instagram.

In a humorous exchange with Footballstar Aaron Rodgers she said, “We talk about my comeback. And he makes me hot on Wimbledon. I can not wait. Exciting.” Rodgers said, “She’s back.”

The 40-year-old has not played since its task in the first round of Wimbledon 2021. Your 24th Grand Slam title, with which you would open to record holder Margaret Court, Williams has not lost sight of the eyes. Number 23 is already five years back: 2017 she triumphed pregnant at the Australian Open.

Wimbledon will take place this year from 27 June to 10 July. Williams won the prestigious rasentry in southwest London seven times, most recently in 2016. The filming of her family history with her sister Venus and her father Richard (King Richard) got the Oscar for the best major actor at the Academy Awards (Will Smith).

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