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In 2016 Mario Götze returned from FC Bayern to Borussia Dortmund. The conclusion of his second BVB guest performance from today’s perspective does not expect too positively.

Around eight weeks Mario Götze Stay until his 30th birthday. Before the German national player A.D. celebrates its round anniversary, he spoke in an interview about his previous career. Of course, his time at Borussia Dortmund also came to language.

In conversation with the British boulevard newspaper “Daily Mail”, the offensive all-rounder, especially with his second episode BEM BVB (from 2016 to 2020) went to court.

Return to BVB for Mario Götze a “false decision”

When asked if he did not better go to the FC Liverpool, where his long-standing conveyor Jürgen Klopp had just taken over the coaching office, he would have replied, Götze said, “It’s always difficult to go back, but if you ask me now, then yes, me would definitely have to go to Liverpool. “

With his choice for a return to Dortmund, he “just hit a false decision,” the World Cup hero accounted for 2014 and today’s Star of PSV Eindhoven, but pushed it, he “regret her not”.

At the age of action, the noble technician who had previously kicked for FC Bayern for three years, never to his form.

Injuries, Götze slowed down again and again, he tormented a long time with a metabolic disease. And if he was playable, the rhythm was missing him. Many frustrating moments on the BVB bank were the result.

Mario Götze has “contact” with Jürgen Klopp

In retrospect, Götze would like to have worked with Klopp again.

Being Mario Götze - Eine deutsche Fußballgeschichte
“He had the greatest impact on my career. He can be very challenging – at the same time your friend, but also very strict. That drives you to best performances. That happened to me then and now it happens with Liverpool,” Stressed the Holland Legionnaire.

That he almost landed in the Reds in 2016, did not give Götze. “We still have contact and then we talked about it that I come to Liverpool. But I was not in the mental constitution that really consider it. That’s why it’s not happening,” said the native Memminger.

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