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What was this for a week for women’s football! Rarely there has been such an enthusiasm in Europe. 93,553 Viewers in Barcelona saw the Champions League quarter finals against Real Madrid. New world record! And in the semifinals, the VfL Wolfsburg now demands the defending champion from Spain.

The VFL was happy too. Not only about the entry into the semifinals after 1: 1 and 2: 0 against the FC Arsenal, but also more than 11,000 spectators in the Volkswagen Arena. To match Barcelona, some viewers will definitely come. Against Arsenal convinced the Bundesliga leader and was very effective. I did not expect such a dominance. The Tommy Stroot team has found itself in winter preparation, occurs in the second half of the year as a strong team and now convinces with good football.

The German football does not have to hide

Bayern also convinced me in the Champions League – despite leaving Paris Saint-Germain. In the end, however, it was not enough to beat a “big” over two games and to collect into the semifinals. The second leg in Paris was with the best I’ve seen from Bayern for a long time, and I would have given them to the two lots (1: 2 and 2: 2 after extension). Also for the German women’s football it would have been an even better sign if both German teams would be retracted into the semifinals.

Verena Schwers (here left next to Lena Goßling) played during their career for both German top clubs. Imago Images / Kirchner-Media

However, German football does not have to hide. The two English representatives Arsenal and Chelsea (already excreted in the group stage) have personally disappointed me. Both were deserved by Wolfsburg from the “Königen class”. It remains the fact: In England, women’s football is growing rapidly – but in the Champions League semifinals, all English representatives are out.

Sporty Germany is competitive and competitive, unfortunately still lacks the right push, the constant development and a sustainable interest in women’s football. As described in my columns again and again, it starts with the lack of structures in the DFB, a lack of media presence and sustainable support from the men’s clubs.

A title must be for Bavaria – everything else would be a step back

After the quarterfinal plays in the Champions League, the top match in the women’s Bundesliga followed last Sunday – the preliminary game in the fight for the German championship. After Bavaria’s champion season and the rather modest preliminary round of VfL Wolfsburg, I was sure that Munich will be master again. The wolves were on Sunday but in every phase of present and bissper in the duels. 6: 0 was also more than clear! Bayern seemed a flat, given the thin personnel ceiling and the game in Paris certainly a bit more comprehensible. But it was still the game around the championship and bavaria chanceless.

FCB coach Jens Scheuer made his best striker Lea Schüller in midfield, although he had two trained midfielder in the squad with Viviane Asseyi and Lineth Berryensteyn. So robbed his team Schüller’s largest strength: the goal shooting. A weak appearance of the Bavaria, which can no longer intervene in the fight for the championship. Also in the Champions League it is not enough for the top 4.

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In the end, only the DFB trophy, on Easter Sunday there is the opportunity to revenge. In the semifinals it goes back to the VfL Wolfsburg, but this time on Bayern campus. A title must be for Bavaria with this squad quality in it! Everything else would be very disappointing for the sole responsibilities of the club and a step back in the development of the team.

Verena Schwers

Verena Schwers has played in the Bundesliga for the SC Freiburg and the top clubs VfL Wolfsburg and Bayern Munich. Among other things, she won twice the Champions League and the German Championship. The defender also completed 47 international matches for the DFB selection. In the summer of 2020 she finished her active career.

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