Mon. May 29th, 2023

NetEase Games Original App Games “Yin-Yin Yin Authentic Fantastic RPG”, after maintenance of April 6, New SSR Journal of God “Bad Dake” and the latest version “Oshiyama” are implemented. We will inform you that you are preparing a rich event.

# New SSR Janjo “Bad Pack” appeared!

A boy who repeated reincarnation is looking for the truth. His thought does not change like a muddy mountain.

New SSR Jinjiang (CV Ono Kenba), April 6 (Wednesday) Maintenance After Maintenance Painting Painting Kyoto! Furthermore, Summon Campaign, SP / SSR Probability UP Event will also be held simultaneously!

Please see the CG of the non-padded repelling notice immediately.

# A variety of events are available with the emergence of the new SSR Mami-no-no-no-Meguru!

# # [SSR Famental Summoning Campaign Held! ]

A great value summoning campaign will be held from April 6 (Wed) to April 17 (Sun)!

During the period, the appearance probability of the SP / SSR type god will rise to normal 2.5 times when Summoning the Mysterious Plus, Tamps, and Summoned in the current vest. Do not miss the chance that you can get other expression gods but also other expression gods only!

# # [Oshioyama Budget Event Open! ]

A new event “Oshiyama disgeak” will be released according to the implementation of the new SSR Jiribeongatake!
Event period: April 6 (Wednesday) From Mente to April 12 (Tuesday)

You can get event rewards by exploring the mountain road! A new skin of the river monkeys “blue water rain”, and rewards such as Dalma and SP / SSR type Kamiemona will be available!

# # [SSR House Samemorume-Emo, Event Held! ]

Join the event from April 6 (Wed) to April 26 (Tuesday), and complete the picture scroll! Depending on the degree of contribution, you can get luxurious rewards such as the defect of the contract, the fragment of the non-bud.

# # [A new skin of the Seikani “appeared! ]

A new skin “night cherry blossom thing” of the first place appeared in the flower jerk! Join the Frequent Battle and get rewards such as limited icon frames and illustrations!

# # [SSR Budget Memorial Campaign Dyneing Campaign decision! ]

In commemoration of the implementation of SSR Budake, “Passivatory appearing commemorative campaign” in official Twitter is being implemented!

You can apply @onmyojigamejp with Twitter and apply only to the target tweets! Let’s earn a gift of 1000 yen for the present Amazon gift certificate!

Detailed information can be confirmed in the official Twitter.

# New Skin appeared! Limited time discount is underway!

# # [New Skin of Hatsuyama-style Skin “Snow Feather” Released for a limited time! ]

The wind to stab the skin is rough. The boy killed breath and continued to observe prey.
A new skin “Fushi Snow Feather” appeared in the Skin store, from the maintenance of April 6 (Wed) to April 26 (Tuesday). It will be 2 discount for the first time! Don’t miss the Yin-Yoho who is interested!

# [Yin-Yin Yin Authentic Fantasy RPG]

Netease Games Original app game. RPG that unfamilizes a turnover battle of incandescent in a fantastic and beautiful Japanese style world. You can collect and train a wide variety of equity gods, and you can enjoy communication with friends with LBS systems. More than 100 types of expression gods that can be collected. Let’s start a mysterious and fantastic journey with a gorgeous 3D app game “Yin-Yin Yin Life Fantasy RPG”!

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# About NetEase Games:

NetEase Games is the online game business unit established by Netease, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES / HKEX: 9999). We are developing and operating a game for smartphones and PCs in overseas markets including mainland China and Japan.

Netease Games has enhanced its owning and presence in its process, as one of the world’s largest game makers who provide high quality online game content.. In addition, in order to improve our research and development capabilities and create a system that is widely used in the world, partner with the world’s famous game maker such as Mojang Studios, Microsoft subsidiaries, and support them online It is also involved in the operation of the game.

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