Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Not for the first time this season, the developer and organizer of the FIFA 22 Global Series (FGS) has changed the prerequisites for participation in the qualifiers at short notice. While so far but only the number of players has been increased to create a larger field, various professionals were excluded.

In Europe alone, more than 20 names have been deleted from the list of qualifiers for the third FGS qualifier next weekend. Related, the spelling shaft with unauthorized trading is outside the intended FUT-Transfer Market and the regulations staked by EA Sports.

Not the first FGS 22 controversy

However, those affected do not only need to suspend the upcoming competition, but are banned for a whole year – the FGS 22-season is finished. “This penalty relates globally to the ability to participate in FGS events, qualifiers and related tournaments such as partner tournaments,” communicated EA.

The Publisher has always struggled with controversies around the Global Series: Before the first qualifier, many players had complained about counterparties, which went to the PlayStation 4 at the start. In the meantime, the old console generation is excluded, only at the PlayStation 5, the tickets can still be solved.

‘ecooo32_ttv’ and ‘minusmacher31’

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Among the reverse for the announced players are also two German: Ekrem ‘EKOOO32_ttv’ Dogan ‘EKOOO32_ttv’ Dogan of Team Deft Fox and Marcel ‘Minusmacher31’ Gramann of FSV Zwickau have made the leap after almost two months of the original disappointment.

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