Mon. May 29th, 2023

For weeks, Robert Lewandowski has been linked from FC Bayern again and again with a change to FC Barcelona. However, a Barca expert believes that the rumor stands on extremely toned feet.

Moises Llorens, who works as a journalist for “ESPN” and is considered a true insider of the FC Barcelona, has been shown in conversation with the Polish Internet Portal “Catalans extremelyhe Facty” with a view to the prospects of a commitment of Lewandowski in the Catalans extremely restrained.

“The club can no longer spend for salaries. In order to make a place for Lewandowski free, you would have to sell some players or save salary,” llorentens outlines the blankness at the FC Barcelona and concludes: “To be honest, it will be very much Hard to get Lewandowski. “

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On the one hand, Llororens is safe, Lewandowski would have to give up at a farewell of FC Bayern in the direction of Barcelona on salary. “I am convinced that his contract here would be less doped in Barcelona, D.Red.] Bavaria. In other words, if Lewandowski is looking for the great money, Barcelona is not the right decision for him “So the expert.

“Barcelona does not want more conflicts with FC Bayern”

He also knew from his sources that Barca will only stretch out the sensors to Lewandowski when they would not annoy FC Bayern. The planned participation of the FC Barcelona at the Super League has burdened the relationship anyway “and Barcelona does not want even more conflicts with FC Bayern,” says Llorens.

With the necessary sales, a concession to the salary and the consent of the Munich, three hurdles are therefore the deal in the way.

In principle, Lloren, however, confirms that Lewandowski plays a role in the considerations of the FC Barcelona. Barca originally wanted a U23 attacker, but is now swung. In addition, the relationship between President Joan Laporta and Lewy-Consultant Pini Zahavi was very good.

Lewandowski’s contract with FC Bayern ends in the summer of 2023. Talks for an extension should be a little bit stalling. Probably as the 33-year-old should demand a long-term contract and a full salary.

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