Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The shamrock is dropped off on the last place in the table, the reputation of coach Stefan Leitl did not hurt this. A throw away was not the debate even during the extremely bitter round with only one point from the first 14 games, but was the realistic assessment of own possibilities too much a strength of this club. And in the industry, Leitl’s reputation did not suffer, the rise alone was a sporting sensation.

Schröder estimates Leitl

Also, unreal was registered very well, as Leitl with his team has received the curve shortly before Christmas and in the second half and the team has since scores regularly. Well possible so that Leitl actually belongs to the candidate circle at Schalke 04, sports board Rouven Schröder estimates Leitl, who fits the royal blue profile. Schalke is looking for a coach, depending on the league, which would come for the Bundesliga, but also the 2nd league.

Fürth would collect a transfer

Leitl information actually has an exit clause, a completely industry-standard process in today’s time. Up to which time this would have to be activated, in the Ronhof is a well-kept secret. In any case, Fürth would receive a transfer for Leitl.

The shamrock is based on the growing trust relationship of the fact that Leitl has lose requests, but has not yet led concrete discussions. So it should have communicated the coach. The fact that the 44-year-old is basically thought about his future, he is ambitious in terms of their own career, which is aware of those responsible in Fürth.

Last summer, after the climb, the coach also led short-term talks with Werder Bremen. Leitl will be balanced whether he wants to go the much cited next step or to build something in Fürth after the descent again – in a quiet, trusting environment that has always supported him, which he brought in return and success.

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