Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

“With the 4: 0 we can work well on Tuesday,” said the Kölner Offensive Power Jan Thielmann on Sunday. The mandatory victory against Latvia gives the team of Antonio di Salvo highly changed by numerous failures. On Saturday night at 22.45 local time, the DFB-Tross landed in Tel Aviv and had to go to the entrance of the results of the compulsory PCR testing in the hotel in the hotel in quarantine.

Israel Unrest: Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv

Bella Kotchap returns

On Sunday afternoon, collective respondents followed: The approximately 50 corona tests were all negative. For the time being, the youngest pitch strasters at the oldest DFB juniors appear, especially since Armel Bella Kotchap could compete on Saturday the journey to the eastern Mediterranean coast. The Bochum Center Defense had failed right before the start of the current country game phase because of a positive corona finding, but has been ready for free. With appropriate fitness, Bella KotChap represents a valuable alternative for DI Salvo. Despite the overall offensively harmless Latvian selection, Fürth’s rear-back Maximilian Bauer had revealed weaknesses in Puncto Timing and two-beam guide.

“It’s an important game against Israel,” says Thielmann and knows: “If we could get three points again, we can breathe. Then it looks good.” Very good even, with a victory, the DFB juniors would have their em ticket as good as well. With then five points ahead of the Israelis di Salvo’s team would only win against Hungary in the penultimate game in June to fix the group victory. And this opponent had not been presented as a great stumbling stone at the 5-1 game win in October.

Collusion phase in the first leg: “We have to build on it”

The a few days earlier first in the final seconds 3: 2 success after the late 1: 2-residue against Israel at the Salvo’s debut, the lack of disease lacking Thielmann had still followed in front of the TV. “To compensate for shortly before the end and also to win in the detention time, was outstanding. That has shown the moree of the team and that we absolutely want to be. We have to build on it,” says Thielmann and says: “If we put in the game with the same attitude It will not be so exciting this time. “

Impressive Occupation Report of Holocaust Survivor ZVI Cohen

Very exciting and impressively, it became an important program offside the sporty before dinner on Sunday. The Holocaust surviving ZVI Cohen reported U-21 players and the staff as he survived the harassment of the Nazis, the KZ Theresienstadt and finally the war. This response was also an integral part of the traditional Israel trips of the German U-18 national team in recent years.

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